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Pol Roger 2018/19

Updated Mar 14, 2019 (Final result)
Published Aug 01, 2018
9th March, Queen's Club: A very close final saw MCC retain the Pol Roger Cup against rivals RTC. The match was decided 6/4 in the final set.

In a repeat of last year’s Pol Roger Cup final, MCC took on RTC in what proved to be an exceptionally close match. After 8 hours of tennis, MCC clinched the deciding final match to win the cup for the second year running.

The final moved from its traditional neutral venue of Moreton Morrell to Queens Club. It was RTC who got off to a winning start in a close second doubles match. Charlie Packham and James Sohn defeated Neil Roxburgh and Jolyon Symonds 6-3 in the third set for important initial victory. Jamie Douglas made it 1 rubber apiece in a high quality match against Peter Wright. The high standard of tennis continued much to the enjoyment of the busy dedans, MCC edging ahead with Jamie Giddins putting in a composed performance over the RTC captain Phil Dunn.

The third singles, now a must win match for RTC, proved to be an epic contest. Horatio Cary of MCC, no stranger to long 3 set matches in the Pol Roger Cup, took on Tom Freeman of RTC. A tense first set went the way of RTC. At 5-2 up in the second set, RTC were in the verge of victory until a spirited comeback from Horatio brought the score back to 5 all. After a long game, Horatio claimed the second set, leaving MCC one set away from claiming the Cup. Horatio started third set strongly, taking a 4-2 lead. It was now Tom’s turn to stage a comeback, fighting for survival he edged into a 5-4 lead. Inevitably the score went to 5-5 with everything resting on a final game, which Tom took, leaving the match delicately poised at 2-2 with one doubles match to go.

The final match saw David and James Watson take on James Acheson-Gray and Peter Jarvis. A strong start from MCC lead to a 6/4 victory in the first set. The father and son duo rallied in the second set, producing a fine display of doubles tennis to take it 6-1. Now well into the evening, with the dedans engrossed (in both the tennis and generously supplied Pol Roger champagne) the third set was a nail biter. MCC edged into a 5-4 lead in a highly competitive match, notable for long rests, punctuated with fierce exchanges of volleying. It seemed poised to go to 5-5 until MCC clinched victory with a force to the dedans followed by deadly volley return of serve.

It was a terrific match, filled with high quality tennis and played in great spirit. Thanks to the hosts Queens and of course to the generous sponsorship of Pol Roger. Thanks also the T&RA for another great tournament.


Final (The Queen's Club)

MCC beat RTC 3-2

  • 2nd doubles ; Neil Roxburgh & Jolyon Symonds lost to James Sohl & Charlie Packham 3/6 6/5 3/6
  • 1st singles: Jamie Douglas bt Peter Wright 6/1 6/2
  • 2nd singles: Jamie Giddins bt Phil Dunn 6/4 6/1
  • 3rd singles: Horatio Cary lost to Tom Freeman 5/6 6/5 5/6
  • 1st doubles: James Acheson-Gray & Peter Jarvis bt David Watson & James Watson 6/4 1/6 6/4


MCC bt Queen's Club 5-0

  • Neil Roxburgh & Jolyon Symonds bt Dom Wright and Johnny Whitaker 6/1 6/1
  • Jamie Douglas bt John Prenn 6/0 6/0
  • Jamie Giddins bt Freddie Kalfayan 6/1 6/1
  • Horatio Cary bt Rich Owen 6/4 3/6 6/4
  • Peter Jarvis & James Acheson-Gray bt Harry Eddis & Tom Seymour-Mead 6/3 1/6 6/2

RTC bt Cambridge 4-1

  • James Sohl & Charlie Packham bt Andrew Petrie & Aaron Wienkers 6/0 6/1
  • Peter Wright bt Ed Kay 6/3 6/4
  • Phil Dunn bt Alex Evans 6/2 6/2
  • David Watson & James Watson bt Jules Camp & Duncan Colquhoun 6/1 4/6 6/2
  • Tom Freeman lost to Jimmy Campbell 4/6 3/6


MCC beat Oxford walk over

RTC beat Manchester 4-1

  • Phil Dunn lost to Alex Duncliffe-Vines 4/6 6/0 5/6
  • David & James Watson bt Jamie Bebb and Adam Holloway 6/0 6/1
  • Peter Wright bt Rob Shenkman 6/2 6/4
  • Tom Freeman bt Simon Shenkman 6/5 6/2
  • Second doubles RTC w/o

Prested Hall lost to Queen's Club 0-5

  • Tim Poolman & Nick Jones lost to John Prenn & Martin Higney 5/6 6/1 5/6
  • Peter Holmes lost to Johnny Whitaker 1/6 4/6
  • Tom Shrager lost to Freddie Kalfayan 6/5 5/6 0/6
  • Steve Taylor & Colin Sprott lost to Tom Seymour-Mead & Ben Boddington 5/6 6/2 3/6
  • Matt Potter lost to Harry Eddis 6/3 2/6 3/6

Moreton Morrell lost to Cambridge 2-3

  • Tom Lewis & Philip Shaw-Hamilton lost to Duncan Colquhoun & Charles D’Oyly 3/6 4/6
  • Third Singles Cambridge w/o
  • Vaughan Hamilton bt Alex Evans 6/1 1/6 6/2
  • Martin Rogers & Rich Wills bt Jules Camp & Andrew Petrie 6/1 1/6 6/5
  • Tom Bomford lost to Ed Kay 5/6 1/6

Relegation Matches

Moreton Morrell beat Oxford 3-2

Manchester beat Prested Hall w/o

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