Pol Roger/Field/Brodie Cup Draws 2017/18

Updated: 11 Dec 2017
Published: 23 Oct 2017

The draws for this season's competition are below. The updated rules are now attached.

Because of yesterday’s wintry weather a number of matches in the Pol Roger Trophy, the Field Trophy and the Brodie Cup were either abandoned entirely or not completed because some but not all of the visiting team arrived at the host club. In all such cases the two clubs involved in the match are requested to agree a new date or dates wherever possible and practicable which enables the relevant fixture or, as the case may be, those rubbers which were not played to be completed by no later than Sunday 21 January 2018. Any rubbers which were played yesterday will stand and need not to be replayed. This is subject to any other agreement or arrangement reached between the clubs involved which gives a definite result to the tie by 21 January.

Pol, Field and Brodie Stewards

Pol Roger Draw

Field Trophy Draw

Brodie Cup Draw

Consolidated Rules 2017 for all above events

Rules Changes Summary 2017

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