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Rackets Galleries at Queen's Club

Mar 21, 2010
We may be getting new ones....

Followers of Rackets will be delighted to hear that we may�soon see the end of�the cramped, insecure,�and inaccessible Lower Rackets Galleries which have�given�spectators inadequate standing space for so many years.� At it�s AGM this week Queen�s Club approved �In Principle� to rebuild and enhance a large area of the club,�being the ground and first floor space between�the staircase going up to the GDR, right across to the covered lawn tennis court block. This major investment includes a long overdue refurbishment of�the Ladies Dressing Room, building a Members Terrace Room, and upgrading the�access to,�and�the capacity of, both Rackets Galleries.�

If approved, construction is expected to start in July 2011, with the�finishing date not yet determined, alhough with the target of having Galleries ready for the major competitions in Jan/Feb 2012.� The Galleries and associated rooms, which look out over the Terrace and�the Championship Lawn Tennis court,�will be fully ready�for the 2012 summer programme of events including the T&RA/Queen's Club Quintathlon,�which will�be held between the dates of Wimbledon and the London Olympics.

On completion the finest Rackets playing and viewing facilities in the world will, quite rightly, be here at Queen�s Club.

This project has been a long time in planning and discussion, and on behalf of the Rackets community David Norman and others have played key roles in helping to�persuade Queen's that�'the viewing facilities should match the playing facilities at the home of Rackets''.

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