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Real Tennis Professional Doubles at Prested Hall

Jul 24, 2017
John Lumley & Camden Riviere win the UK Professional Doubles in four exciting sets


Round 1

  • Adam Player & Neil Mackenzie bt Nino Merola & Aaron Flippance 6/1 6/5 6/3
  • Claire Fahey & Ged Parsons bt James Law & Liam Taylor 6/0 6/0 6/1

Round 2

  • Tom Durack & Louis Gordon bt Player & Mackenzie 6/2 6/2 6/5
  • Zak Eadle & Darren Long bt C. Fahey & Parsons 6/5 6/5 6/4

Round 3

  • Rob Fahey & Ricardo Smith bt Durack & Gordon 6/1 6/3 6/3
  • Eadle & Long bt Andrew Lyons & Leon Smart 6/4 5/6 6/4 5/6 6/3


  • John Lumley & Camden Riviere bt Eadle & Long 6/0 6/0 6/2
  • Fahey & Smith bt Bryn Sayers & Ben Taylor-Matthews 5/6 6/1 6/3 6/3


  • Lumley & Riviere bt Fahey & Smith 6/2 4/6 6/5 6/4

World class tennis returns to Prested Hall


UK Real Tennis Professional Doubles 21st-24th July


Prested is hosting the Real Tennis Professional Doubles for the 2nd consecutive year and if the recent World Doubles Championship was anything to go by we will be in for a spectacular week of tennis.

We are welcoming back to the club the current mens Singles and doubles World Champion, Camden Riviere with his partner John Lumley. We also have a further 4 of the top ten players in the world with us that week and we musn’t forget the home favourites, Claire Fahey (Ladies World Champion), Rob Fahey, Ricardo Smith and Gerard Parsons.

Prested will also be hosting a Handicap Doubles Tournament on the Saturday 22nd - marked round robin groups, with semi-finals/final. Cost is £60 per pair. To enter please contact Rob or Claire Fahey at

We invite you all to come and watch and support for the week and we have many great ways to support the event. Firstly, our all-inclusive sponsor ticket for £250 which covers seating for every match and VIP events.

Individual day tickets are as follows:

Friday 21st – Qualifiers- FREE

Saturday 22nd - Quarter Finals- £10 Adult, U18s FREE

Sunday 23rd - Semi-Finals- £10 Adult, U18s FREE

Monday 24th Best of 3 set Exhibition tickets £10

Monday 24th – FINAL- £20 (Glass Viewing, Upper Gallery & Side Gallery), £100 (Dedans)

So contact The Pros at or 01376 570 220 and book your tickets today.

We look forward to welcoming you all.

Rob and Claire Fahey

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