Real Tennis World Record at Oxford

06 Dec 2016

Guinness World Records have ratified that Matthew Alden is now the official holder of the Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Opponents, Real Tennis Singles which now stands at 28 opponents faced.

Starting at 07:00 on Saturday 25th and finishing at 03:35 on Sunday June 26th, Matthew Alden attempted to break the world record previously held by Will Stephens of Prested for Most Consecutive Singles Opponents. The record stood at 26 opponents and Matthew managed over the course of those 21 hours and 25 minutes to face 28 opponents, playing best of three sets in each match - a quite amazing feat. 

I'm now very pleased to be able to announce that he is now Officially Amazing as, late last week, Guinness World Records officially ratified his record. I would like to congratulate Matthew on his successful attempt, and for the money he raised for two very good causes. 

Matthew and I are very thankful to all those that helped in the attempt. In all, we had 28 players, 4 reserves, 17 witnesses and 10 markers, many of whom gave of their time at some very anti-social hours. In particular, we would like to thank Adam Jeffrey, Freddy Adam and Jonathan Clark, and our pros, Andy Davis and Craig Greenhalgh without whom it would not have been possible. 


Photographs: Freddy Adam

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