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Schools Real Tennis U14 Doubles Championships 2019

Mar 18, 2019
17th March 2019 (Wellington)

Winners - MCS (Henry Henman, George Herbert)

2nd Radley (Harry Markham, Freddie James)

3rd Westbourne House (Will Fountain, Tom Barton)

4th Wellington (Dan Head, F Byrne)

MCS (with Henry Henman, the national U12 singles champion) won comfortably, while Radley lost only to them, winning their crucial match - effectively a semi-final - 6/5 against Westbourne fielding 2 younger but very experienced players. They came from 0/2 and 2/4 down to win a nervy final game before beating Wellington 1 soundly.

Wellington 2 (from eagle House) battled gamely to eventually claim 5th place over Wellington 4.

MCS won convincingly overall and were never seriously threatened though needed to play well to beat a very promising pair from Westbourne in a fine final set, with Herbert playing a superb ‘2nd string’ game to support his more experienced partner, keeping the ball in play well and returning solidly.


Senior B Grade X Wel1 Wel4 West
Wellington 1 9 6
Wellington 4 0 1
Westbourne 8 8
Senior B Grade Y MCS Rad1 Wel2
MCS 8 8
Radley 1 0 8
Wellington 2 0 2

Wellington 2 bt Wellington 4 8/3

Radley bt Westbourne 6/5

MCS bt Wellington 1 6/1

Radley bt Wellington 1 6/0

MCS bt Wellington 4 6/0

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