25 Jun 2012

Drama on BBC Radio 3 - see link to BBC iPlayer

If you watched 120 minutes of excruciating football on Sunday evening (followed by the inevitable penalty shoot out), then catch up with the drama of BBC Radio 3 by following the link below.

BBC iPlayer

Inspired by past events at Wimbledon, this comedy by Martyn Wade takes as its theme a famous duel between Elizabethan rivals the Earl of Oxford and Sir Philip Sidney on a Real tennis court. Having failed to satisfy an argument with a more traditional duel, the pair resort to a five set game in front of Queen Elizabeth herself - the outcome of which will decide not only personal pride but also the marital fate of the Queen, as she decrees that proposed nuptials with a French duke will only take place if Oxford wins...

Director: Cherry Cookson

Publicity material

With unique sound track material by Matty Ronaldson on the MURTC court!!

Queen Elizabeth                 Celia Imrie

Simier                                  Alex Jennings

Earl of Leicester                  David Troughton

Earl of Oxford                     Nicholas Boulton

Philip Sidney                       Thom Tuck

Duke of Anjou                     Michael Maloney

Crick                                    Geoffrey Whitehead

Benjamin                             Philip Fox

William                                Carl Prekopp

Spectator                             Nick Saunter

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