Sport Structures Announcement

28 Oct 2020

Sport Structures Announcement

Investing in Professionals


The T&RA approached Sport Structures to support the development and implementation of the Investing in Professionals programme. Real Tennis is one of the oldest games still played in the UK and provides a magnificent and unique environment for a career.

Investing in Professionals (IiP) aims to provide an opportunity for young sports people to secure an enjoyable and financially stable long-term career in Real Tennis. This will be achieved by combining a Nationally recognised Apprenticeship with business, commercial and Real Tennis skills. The programme also sets a benchmark of quality for all Professionals in the game to aspire to and training opportunities to support anyone willing to develop themselves.

Each level of attainment (Level 1, 2 or 3) is reached by assessment with consideration given to recognised prior learning and/or experience. Attaining these skills will give the Professional the expertise to be able to manage a Real Tennis Club (or any other sports club), as well as to coach and train other players from novice & club members to trainee & top professionals. The Professional will also have acquired sufficient skills at each level of training to be a desirable candidate for other career paths outside Real Tennis.


IiP aims to match the rate of development and achievement of each Professional in both on-court and off-court Real Tennis skills and provide the professional with transferable business skills. Each level of accredited experience is commensurate with an expected range of remuneration. IiP will assess each Professional at the outset, to allow each individual to focus on the areas where they are most in need of development.


The Investing In Professional programme was officially launched in October 2020 and further information can be found here:

Read the attached documents to learn more about being a tennis apprentice


Guide for Professionals Guide for Apprentices Sport Structures Announcement

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