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The Sydney Real Tennis Club appeal for support

Nov 29, 2022
SRTC anticipates construction of their new court will commence by June 2023!

The NSW State Government has approved a grant in favour of Sydney Real Tennis Club for $1,399,000 for the construction of an indoor sports hall (which includes a Real Tennis court and overlooking club rooms). The grant is subject to a number of terms and conditions including that the project must commence construction by July 2023 and complete by December 2025.

The project plan which SRTC submitted estimates play will commence on the new court on Wednesday, 18 September 2024 - please mark that date in your calendar!

SRTC have about $850,000 in cash and pledges which means in total there is AUS$2.25m at their disposal, which is very nearly enough to build the court. A little more money will help to assure our financial situation, but for now the world of Real Tennis should take a brief moment and reflect on this momentous news and the situation this presents.

SRTC anticipates construction of their new court will commence by June 2023!

Yes, it’s happening!

Thousands of hours of planning, research, documentation and lobbying have been undertaken pro-bono by a small band of dedicated Sydney members, which is not bad considering there has been no court for 17 years!

A further minimum AUS$500,000 is urgently needed by early 2023 so Sydney can proceed with their project, which will make Real Tennis a truly national sport once again in Australia and will add to the appeal for international real tennis visitors.

How can you help?

If you've thought about contributing to the new court, it's not too late! In fact now is the perfect time to step forward, every dollar counts at this stage!

The T&RA has agreed to collect donations from UK Real Tennis players which will in turn be donated to the Australian Sports Foundation, a tax-deductible entity. Although there are still conditions to fulfil with HMRC, it is anticipated that UK donations can also be considered charitable. If you do wish to donate to the Sydney Court please use the link below and let the T&RA know that you have contributed so that the SRTC Committee can keep track.

All UK Donations to donate HERE

Naming rights are limited and will be snapped up now the court is guaranteed to go ahead, so if you're keen to become a part of the Sydney heritage, SRTC would love to hear from you. Click below to see the available donor categories.

SRTC Donor Options (PDF)

First round expressions of interest to the SRTC Committee are required to be submitted by 20 December 2022.

Sydney Real Tennis Court
Sydney Real Tennis Court

See for more details.

To register an expression of interest please contact: James Willis: / 0438 807 084 or Chris Cooper: / 0438 499 526

SRTC team
Sydney Team
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