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T&RA Annual General Meeting 2020

Oct 01, 2020
Updated Notice of the AGM


Company number: 07819045


Notice of Annual General Meeting (Updated)

Notice is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting (the “Meetingâ€) of The Tennis & Rackets Association Limited (the “Companyâ€) will be held by zoom teleconference on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 6pm at which the Directors of the Company propose that the following resolutions be passed as ordinary resolutions:

Ordinary Resolutions

  • 1.That, in accordance with Article 32.2.2, the Annual Report of the Company for the 2019/20 season be adopted.
  • 2.That, in accordance with Article 32.2.2, the Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements for the financial period 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020 be adopted.
  • 3.That, in accordance with Article 50.4.1, haysmacintyre be appointed as registered auditors to carry out an independent examination of the Company’s accounts for the financial period 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021.
  • 4.That, in accordance with Articles 20.2, 21.5, Mr RD Sutton be elected as director of the company.
  • 5.That, in accordance with Article 29.2, the increases to subscriptions set out in the Table below, such increases to take effect from 1st July 2021, be approved.
Subscription or Corporate Subscriptions 2020/21 Proposed 2021/22 1-year increase
Individual Full Membership Subscription Rates at age of joining
70 and over £36.50 £37.00 1.4%
28-69 £65.50 £66.50 1.5%
21-27 £39.00 £39.50 1.3%
Under 21 or Full Time Students and under 28 £15.50 £15.50 NIL
Associate Membership Subscription Rates
All ages £29.00 £29.50 1.7%
Corporate subscriptions
Clubs/Schools/Universities with own court (all full-time students) £160.00 £162.00 1.3%
Nomadic/ Evening clubs (without court) £80.00 £81.00 1.3%
Entity without their own courts (cover all members) £40.00 £40.50 1.3%

This revised Notice supersedes the original Notice (issued September 2020) and serves to confirm the meeting will be held electronically.

All eligible Members of the Association are invited to participate. However, the Chief Executive will need to know at least 48 hours in advance (to whether you intend to join the meeting electronically so as to issue the necessary invitations and log on credentials.

All questions from Members should be submitted (via email) at least 48 hours in advance to the Chief Executive. The chairman of the Meeting will repeat and respond to any questions from the Member (or their proxy) deemed appropriate to the business of the meeting.

By order of the Board

Mr Chris Davies

Chief Executive and Company Secretary

Date 1 October 2020

Registered Office

The Tennis & Rackets Association Limited; c/o The Queen’s Club, Palliser Road, London W14 9EQ

Notes to the Notice of General Meeting

Appointment of proxies

1. As a member of the Company, you are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of your rights to attend, speak and vote at the Meeting and you should have received a proxy form with this notice of meeting. You can only appoint a proxy using the procedures set out in these notes and the notes to the proxy form.

2. A proxy needs to be another member of the Company and must attend the Meeting to represent you. Details of how to appoint the Chairman of the Meeting or another person as your proxy using the proxy form are set out in the notes to the proxy form.

3. If you do not give your proxy an indication of how to vote on any resolution, your proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his or her discretion. Your proxy will vote (or abstain from voting) as he or she thinks fit in relation to any other matter which is put before the Meeting.

4. The notes to the proxy form explain how to direct your proxy how to vote on the resolution.

5. To appoint a proxy using the hard-copy proxy form, the form must be:

-completed and signed;

-sent or delivered to the Company at its registered office; and

-received by the Company no later than 11am on Monday 23th November 2020.

6. As an alternative to completing the hard-copy proxy form, you can appoint a proxy electronically by printing the proxy form, completing and signing it, scanning it as a .pdf, attaching it to an e-mail, and sending that e-mail (with attached proxy form) to an electronic proxy appointment to be valid, the appointment must be received no later than 11am on Monday 23th November 2020.

7. Any power of attorney or any other authority under which the proxy form is signed (or a duly certified copy of such power or authority) must be included with the proxy form.

8. Appointment of a proxy does not preclude you from attending the Meeting and voting in person. If you have appointed a proxy and attend the Meeting in person, your proxy appointment will automatically be terminated.

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