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The Royal Tennis Court Development Tournament

Sep 21, 2021

Sep 23, 2021 - Sep 26, 2021 The Royal Tennis Court N Wood

Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th September 2021

THE LINE UP OF MATCHES IS OUT - Spectators Welcome!

And due to a late withdrawal - Nick Wood is wheeling himself out of retirement!

We all love to watch tennis, especially top level tennis we can learn from. Well here is your chance -

RTC has attracted some of the top amateurs and aspiring professionals in the country.

The match line up is as follows (RTC players in bold):
Thursday 23rd
18.00 Will Flynn (15) v Neil Mackenzie (5)
Followed by Levi Gale (10) v Peter Wright (5)

Friday 24th
18.00 Will Flynn (15) v Scott Blaber (15)
Followed by Rob Shenkman (3) v Nick Wood (handicap unknown)

Saturday 25th
10.00 Will Flynn (15) v Levi gale (10)
12.00 Peter Wright (5) v Nick Wood (?)
14.00 Neil Mackenzie (5) v Rob Shenkman (3)

Sunday 26th
10.00 Scott Blaber (15) v Rob Shenkman (3)
12.00 Levi Gale (10 v Nick Wood (?)
14.00 Peter Wright (5) v Neil Mackenzie (5)

All RTC members, guests and potential members are invited to WATCH & LEARN during what will be a very exciting event! And tickets are free on a first come first served basis - to sign up for a ticket please email:

The Royal Tennis Court has always been involved in developing top players and professionals -

The objective of this new event is to create a tournament with development opportunities for the players by providing competitive matches and professional experts to observe all aspects of the players performances – be it psychology, fitness, statistical, technique or strategic. Players will compete against each other, providing some spectacular tennis to watch, they will also have one-to-one sessions with the professional experts to help build a strong player profile which will assist in their long term development.

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