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UK Doubles Rackets shock...

Mar 05, 2010
Barker and Robinson win in 4!

When the existing�Rackets Doubles�World Champions, Harry Foster and Mark Hue Williams, lost in the semi-finals to unseeded Guy Barker and Ali Robinson in 7 games, with Barker and Robinson 3/1 down at one point,�we didn't necessarily think we would have to throw out the entire form book. But after Sunday's Final it seems that we might have to! Having taken�7 games to defeat Harry and Mark, the octagenerian partnership [that's editorial license at�its most extreme..!] of former World Champions Guy and Ali�subsequently went on to defeat Alex Titchener-Barrett and Tim Cockroft in 4 straight games, 12, 11, 5, and 7 in the final on Sunday 28 February. Congratulations to Guy and Ali for putting up such a�forceful battle in a flawless match;�results on this link:

�The Lacoste Open Doubles Championship starts on Saturday 13 March, just time for a�couple of weeks�in the gym for�any competitors seeking to lift their game that tiny bit more...

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