UK Handicaps After Lockdown Ends

Nov 16, 2020

As we approach the end of Lockdown 2, the UK Handicap Committee are issuing guidance on handicaps.

After the lockdown ends at the start of December, when tennis will presumably be allowed in some or all of the UK, handicap results should be recorded in the usual way.

We do not recommend any temporary period in which results are not entered on RTO.

Also, we expect to see some players receive the automatic dormancy adjustment in the near future. This occurs if a player records no results in a year. The detailed conditions of dormancy adjustments are explained at the end of this guidance. If players have not recorded a result for a year then the dormancy adjustment will be valid, especially as many other players will have taken the opportunity to play between lockdowns, and immediately before and after.

Therefore we do not expect to see any manual adjustments to reverse automatic dormancy adjustments in RTO.


Owen Saunders, on behalf of the UK Handicap Committee

Explanation of automatic dormancy adjustments on RTO:

Each day RTO highlights any singles or doubles handicap which has had no activity for 12 months and adjusts as follows:

- if the handicap has become dormant and has never been dormant before, worsen handicap by 2

- if the handicap has become dormant before, and some subsequent matches have been played, but none in the last 12 months, worsen by 2

- if the handicap has become dormant before, and no subsequent matches have been played, worsen by 1.