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Understanding Tennis Handicaps

Apr 21, 2010

The UK Handicaps and Rankings Sub-committee would like to welcome you to its Understanding Tennis Handicaps Forum on RTO. This can be reached on or by pressing the Understanding handicaps button immediately below the heading of the Tennis section on the Tennis and Rackets Association website.

The Handicaps and Rankings Sub-Committee plans to post its rulings and other documents relating to handicaps on this site so that in future there will be a single point of reference for the UK (and the wider) tennis community on all handicaps related matters. Included on the Forum is the newly published Definitive Guide to Handicaps, Handicapping and RTO, which provides a detailed description of the operation of the handicap system in the UK, which we hope will be of interest to both new and experienced players.

The site is capable of being searched on line by using the search box in the top right corner. Simply insert a key word and you will discover if we have considered the topic.

While this Forum does not accept postings, we are interested in any responses you have, which can be sent to us via the T&RA office (

Roger Pilgrim

Chairman Handicaps & Rankings Sub-committee

21st April 2010

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