US Open 2018 Rackets

Updated: 11 Mar 2018 Results
Published: 09 Mar 2018

11 March; Philadelphia: James Stout - US Champion 2018

Tom Billings & Richard Owen - US Open Doubles Champions 2018

James Stout defeated Tom Billings to take home the Singles Championship 3-0 in a repeat of the word singles challenge match. Both players were in top form and left it all on the court.

Billings sought and found redemption in the doubles final, where he and partner Richard Owen beat James Coyne and Alex Duncliffe-Vines 3-0. Both pairs played extremely well throughout the tournament and wowed the gallery with some spectacular shots.

All finalists should be extremely proud of their accomplishments in what was truly a fantastic draw.

Last and certainly least, congratulations to Plate Doubles champions Jono Jamieson-Black and Nick Harding, who defeated Dan Fisher and Charles Vennat.



  • Stout bt Billings 3-0


  • Stout bt Hopton
  • Billings bt Duncliffe-Vines


  • Stout bt Owen
  • Hopton bt Cawston
  • Duncliffe-Vines bt Coyne
  • Billings bt Tanfield

Round of 16

  • Stout bt Medlow 15/5 15/4
  • Owen bt Cipriano 15/4 15/2
  • Cawston bt Portz 6/15 15/11 15/11
  • Hopton bt Hopcroft 15/3 15/6
  • Duncliffe-Vines bt Bomford 15/12 15/11
  • Coyne bt Bailey 15/12 4/15 16/14
  • Tanfield bt Smith 10/15 15/9 15/10
  • Billings bt Larken 15/4 15/5


  • Billings & Owen bt Coyne & Duncliffe-Vines

NARA Report

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