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Van Alen Cup 2010

Jul 21, 2010
Strong performance from the UK team

Results from the singles:

Jamie Douglas (UK) def. Pat Winthrop 6/2,6/2

Will Fortune (UK) def. Gordon McMorris 6/0,6/1

Conor Medlow (UK) def. Zach Sachs 6/1,6/0

Claire Vigrass (UK) def. Dylan Ward 6/0,6/0

Results from the doubles:

Douglas & Fortune (UK) def. Winthrop & McMorris 6/2,6/3

Vigrass & Medlow (UK) def. Sachs & Cipriano 6/1,6/0

Douglas & Vigrass (UK) def. Winthrop & Tom Pickens 6/0,6/2

Fortune & Medlow (UK) def. Dylan Ward & Paul Monaghan 6/0,6/0

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