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Washington Court Tennis Fundraising Announcement Update

Updated Dec 30, 2020 (3-D Models)
Published Sep 28, 2020

Dear Friends of Prince's Court,

There is still time to support the new court project in Washington before the end of the tax year! Simply follow the directions at the end of this e-mail to make your charitable donation today.

Want to see more? Our architects have created 3-D models of the new court and viewing galleries!

Just click on the links below. Look around the court by moving your phone or clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Tennis court panorama

Above the Dedans

Upper galleries

We are immensely grateful for all of your help as we work to finish this project. Best wishes from all of us in Washington for a happy (and Most Improved) new year!

Vern, Haven, Mary, John, Charlie, and Ryan

Dear USCTA Members and Friends of Washington Court Tennis:

As many in the game know, Prince’s Court and the Washington court tennis community have been working for years to find a long-term home. We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to build a new court at Westwood Country Club, located in Vienna, Virginia. If successful, this move will secure the long-term future of court tennis in the D.C. area and prevent the loss of one of 10 active tennis courts in the United States.

Westwood was selected after a five-year process that considered over twenty sites. As a successful, member-owned club with first-class golf, tennis, and clubhouse facilities, Westwood is an ideal partner for our club. And with unparalleled viewing for competitive play and a convenient location between Dulles and National airports, we look forward to welcoming visitors and tournament players for many years to come.

But we cannot do it without your help. Due to Westwood’s schedule for other capital improvements, we have only five months—until February 2021—to raise a total of $3.4 million. With full participation from the D.C. membership, and significant support from the Grassi, Martin, and Prince families, we are already 77% of the way to this goal. But we have reached our limits internally, and are now asking for help from the tennis community to raise the remaining $750,000 we need to cross the finish line.

Vern Cassin III
Prince's Court

To donate to the Washington Court Tennis through the T&RA scan the QR code on your phone or click here.

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