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What really happened in 1908

Dec 05, 2009
Ball-by-ball commentary on 1908 Olympics can be read online [but its a huge file]

Vern Cassin, who plays Tennis in Washington DC whilst his father of the same name plays at Radley, has found an online copy of a detailed record of the 1908 London Olympics. If you open the link below a 'Bookmarks' column will appear on the left side of the page, and if you scroll down to Chapter IV it will display each sport by name. The records contain the unsurprising conclusion that both Tennis & Rackets were too small for inclusion in future Olympics.

'Racquets' was the first Gold Medal to be awarded in the 1908 Olympics, won by E B Noel in a walk-over. It was of course played at Queen's, and I assume Howard was marking. All of the Rackets competitors in 1908 were Brits. If we were to hold it now Bermuda would probably get the Gold, with the UK in a big Silver and Bronze bunch right behind them [him], and the Americans and Canadians still out of the medals 100 years later. Does anyone of any other nationality play rackets? Does the Premier of Bermuda know of their claim to fame?

The less said about tennis champions' nationalities right better not be like that in 2108 - or even in 2012?

The T&RA was of course established in 1907 at Queen's, although we didnt have our office here€until a good many years later. Someone had a canny sense of timing, incorporating the year before the Olympics? Enjoy the article.

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