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World Masters Amateur Championships 2019

Updated May 30, 2019 (Team Reports)
Published Feb 27, 2019
GB retains the Cockram Trophy; and wins the Bostwick Cup and Danby Trophy

GB Cockram Trophy and 50/55s Masters report

The GB squad of eight travelled to New York knowing that they faced a tough challenge to retain the Cockram Trophy. The American team promised to be a strong one on home soil and were determined to win the trophy for the first time.

Fortunately, preparation wise the Masters preceded the Cockram at the Racquet and Tennis Club in New York with the GB players doing particularly well. Simon Barker excelled in the 50s and 55s singles beating both the number 1 seeds in the semi-finals. Firstly he beat Mike Happell (Aus) in the 55s and then in the 50s Guy Devereux (USA) in marathon successive matches. Simon then fell just short in the final of the 50s singles losing to Jeremy Wintersteen (USA) 6/4 in the third. In the 55s singles Simon Shenkman won a fantastic semi-final against John Prenn defeating him 6-5 in a thrilling third set. In the final Shenkman was too strong for Barker.

The 50’s doubles final was an all American affair with Herlihy and Wintersteen winning a tight final. In the 55’s doubles David Watson was partnered by Jonathan Hamer and they were too strong in the final beating Simon Shenkman and Richard MacAlister.

The Cockram Trophy (2 doubles and 3 singles matches) proved a tight affair as promised. On day one the GB team beat the French team convincingly 5-0 to set up nicely the match with the US team on day 2. GB lost the first doubles which put pressure on the following 3 singles matches. In the first of these William Maltby, who travelled just for the Cockram, played quite superbly to outwit the 50’s singles Champion Jeremy Wintersteen. Then in the the second singles Simon Shenkman retained his composure to beat the talented Morris Clothier in straight sets. Simon Barker then continued his solid singles form beating John Motz in straight sets. In the final doubles David Watson and Robert Peel lost a thrilling match 6-5 in the third. The 3-2 win for GB meant that victory against a weakened Australian team on day 3 would win the Trophy. GB played solidly throughout the final day to comfortably win the match 4-1 and retain the Trophy.

The GB squad of 8 who all played at least two matches each; Simon Barker, Peter Holmes (Captain), Peter Jarvis, Richard Macalister, William Maltby, Robert Peel, Simon Shenkman and David Watson.

Bostwick Report

The GB Bostwick team arrived in Tuxedo ready to try and re-capture the cup that was lost to the Australians in Melbourne 2 years earlier. The very English weather on arrival and the fabulous accommodation provided by our hosts enabled us to feel at home straight away.

Day 1 was a wake up call for us as the USA team defeated Australia 5-0 and they had obviously managed to put together a very strong team on home soil. We were in action for the first time on day 2 also defeating Australia 5-0 and setting up the match beautifully for a final day showdown with the Americans.

The Team comprised of John Prenn, Geoffrey Russell, Philip Shaw-Hamilton, Mark Nicholls, Paul Weaver, Duncan Colquhoun, Fred Satow and last but by no means least Sue Haswell! Really solid performances by the whole team saw us through to a 5-0 victory despite some very tough matches. First time Bostwick captain, Mark Nicholls was delighted to hold the cup aloft at the presentation dinner.

Danby Report

The UK Danby team regained the trophy lost in Hobart in 2017. The 2019 event was played in Tuxedo and the UK team consisted of 3 pairs: 1st pair John East (Lords) and Simon Johnston (Jesmond Dene), 2nd pair Simon de Halpert (Seacourt) and Jill Newby (Holyport), 3rd pair Robin Barlow (Manchester) and David Brazier (Queens).

The first match against the Australian Team, the holders, was won easily. The Australians could only field a team of 5 so their weakest player had to play twice. The USA also beat the Australians which set up a UK v USA final.

It was a thrilling match. The 1st pair just lost having been on court for over 2hrs. The 3rd pair were next on court and narrowly won. This match also lasted over 2hrs which meant that the 2nd pairs decided the competition. In a very tense but ultimately clear-cut match the UK triumphed to regain the coveted trophy.

World Masters Team Events

Cockram Trophy

GB beat France 5-0

  • S. Barker & P. Jarvis bt J-P Grabli & I. Semenoff 6/1 6/1
  • S. Shenkman bt C. Blanchot 5/6 4/0 retired
  • W. Maltby bt L. Marville 6/2 6/3
  • P. Holmes bt J-P. Grabli 6/4 6/5
  • R. Peel & R. MacAlister bt E. Blanchot & B. Saint-Martin 6/2 6/0

US beat Australia 5-0

  • J. Wintersteen & A. McHugh bt J. Piccolo & C. Nobes 6/1 6/1
  • M. Clothier & G. Devereux bt J. Hamer & G. Bradfield 6/2 6/0
  • J. Zug bt R. Kininmonth 6/0 6/1
  • J. Motz bt J. Emery 5/6 6/3 6/4
  • K. Soffer bt J. Buckley 6/1 6/2

GB beat US 3-2

  • P. Jarvis & P. Holmes lost to A. McHugh & K. Soffer 3/6 4/6
  • S. Barker bt J. Motz 6/4 6/2
  • W. Maltby bt J. Wintersteen 6/3 6/5
  • S. Shenkman bt M. Clothier 6/5 6/0
  • R. Peel & D. Watson lost to G. Devereux & R. Moroscak 6/3 5/6 5/6

Australia beat France 3-2

  • J. Buckley lost to I. Semenoff 6/4 0/6 4/6
  • G. Bradfield lost to L. Marville 3/6 3/6
  • M. Happell & R. Hince bt C. Blanchot & J-P. Grabli 6/3 6/1
  • J. Piccolo & I. Bull bt E. Blanchot & B. Saint-Martin 6/4 6/0
  • J. Emery bt J-P. Grabli 6/5 6/3

US beat France 5-0

  • G. Devereux & R. Moroscak bt E. Blanchot & B. Saint-Martin 6/0 6/2
  • J. Wintersteen bt L. Marville 6/1 6/1
  • J. Motz bt C. Blanchot 5/6 6/2 6/1
  • K. Soffer bt J-P. Grabli 6/4 6/0
  • M. Clothier & A. McHugh bt C. Blanchot & I. Semenoff 6/06/5

GB beat Australia 4-1

  • W. Maltby w/o
  • S. Shenkman bt F. Kininmonth 6/2 6/2
  • P. Jarvis bt C. Nobes 6/2 6/1
  • S. Barker & R. MacAlister bt J. Hamer & J. Buckley 6/2 6/4
  • D. Watson & R.Peel lost to M. Happell & R. Hince 1/6 1/6

GB retains the Cockram Trophy

Bostwick Cup

US beat Australia 5-0

  • C. Johnstone & B. Hay bt E. Varigos & M. Tuckfield 6/4 6/2
  • S. Hufford bt R. Hince 6/2 6/3
  • B. Manson w/o
  • G. Bell & P. Vogt bt J. Piccolo & C. Nobes 6/2 6/3
  • S. Aldrich & R. McLane bt J. Hamer & I. Bull 6/1 6/3

GB beat US 5-0

  • M. Nicholls & P. Shaw-Hamilton bt S. Aldrich & Manson 6/5 6/2
  • S. Haswell & F. Satow bt S. Hufford & P. Vogt 6/3 6/2
  • G. Russell w/o
  • J. Prenn bt B. Hay 6/0 6/1
  • P. Weaver & D. Colquhoun bt R. McLane & G. Bell 6/2 6/5

GB beat Australia 5-0

  • G. Russell bt M. Tuckfield 6/1 6/0
  • M. Nicholls & P. Shaw-Hamilton bt G. Bradfield & R. Hince 6/1 6/5
  • F. Satow & S. Haswell bt E. Varigos & C. Nobes 6/1 6/1
  • J. Prenn bt J. Piccolo 6/1 6/2
  • P. Weaver & D. Colquhoun bt J. Hamer & I. Bull 6/1 6/1

GB wins the Bostwick Cup

Danby Trophy

GB beat Australia 3-0

  • J. East & S. Johnson bt G. Richardson & P. Roberts 6/0 6/0
  • S. De Halpert & J. Newby bt P. Dunne & P. Stanley 6/3 6/3
  • R. Barlow & D. Brazier bt T. Poolman & P. Roberts 6/2 6/1

US beat Australia 3-0

  • G. Van Schaack & P. Clement bt G. Richardson & P. Stanley 6/2 6/3
  • D. Tanfield & J. Pardee bt P. Dunn & P. Roberts 6/0 6/3
  • H. Pell & T. Rowe bt T. Poolman & P. Roberts 6/1 6/3

GB beat US 2-1

  • J. East & S. Johnson lost to G. Van Schaack & P. Clement 4/6 6/5 5/6
  • R. Barlow & D. Brazier bt H. Pell & T. Rowe 2/6 6/5 6/4
  • S. De Halpert & J. Newby bt D. Tanfield & J. Pardee 6/1 6/3

GB wins the Danby Trophy

World Masters Finals Results

  • 50s Singles J. Wintersteen bt S. Barker 3/6 6/3 6/4
  • 50s Doubles S. Herlihy & J. Wintersteen bt G. Devereux & R. Moroscak 6/5 6/5
  • 55s Singles S. Shenkman bt S. Barker 6/2 6/4
  • 55s Doubles J. Hamer & D. Watson bt R. MacAlister & S. Shenkman 6/0 6/2
  • 60s Singles J. Prenn bt G. Bradfield 6/1 6/1
  • 60s Doubles S. Aldrich & G. Bell bt J. Hamer & J. Prenn 6/1 6/2
  • 65s Singles J. Prenn bt P. Shaw-Hamilton 6/2 6/3
  • 65s Doubles P. Weaver & P. Shaw-Hamilton bt J. Fisher & J. Newby 6/0 6/0
  • 70s Singles J. East bt G.VanSchaack 6/2 6/3
  • 70s Doubles G. VanSchaack & P. Clement bt B. Colegrave & R. Moore 6/5 6/2
  • 75s Singles R. Tanfield bt G. Richardson 6/1 6/3
  • 75s Doubles J. Pardee & R. Tanfield bt G. Richardson & R. Barlow 6/5 6/5
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