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Oct 29, 2021

Changes to World Doubles Qualifying Regime

After a detailed review of the Doubles World Championship qualifying regime by the Rackets World Championship Committee (“RWCC”), the RWCC is pleased to announce changes to the qualifying regime that shall come into effect this season.

The main elements of the revised regime are:

  • There shall be two qualifying tournaments (QTs) each season; the British Open Doubles and US Open Doubles;
  • Each qualifying period shall be 2 years and consist of 4 QTs;
  • 3 points shall be awarded to the winners of each QT; 1 point shall be awarded to the finalists of each QT;
  • No pair shall challenge for a World Championship that has not won at least one QT during a qualifying period;
  • Both legs of the challenges shall be held at the same venue, alternating between UK and North America. The first legs shall be played on the Wednesday, with the second leg to take place on the Saturday of the same week; and
  • A new doubles ranking system that will rank individual players shall be used for seedings. This will use the results from the QTs, the Manchester Gold Racquet and the Western Open to calculate the ranking points.

The full details of the new rules shall be published in due course.

Rackets World Championship Committee

28th October 2021

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