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151st Varsity Match

Mar 06, 2022

Mixed fortunes for Oxford and Cambridge at MCC

Women’s match (Cambridge names first)

A tight match decided by the 1st doubles, with Cambridge triumphant.

4th singles Ulla Petti (Trinity) bt Olivia Becher (St Anne`s) 6/0 6/5

3rd singles Mary Strevens (C) (Magdalen) lost to Rosie Taylor (C) (St Edmunds) 6/4 1/6 2/6

2nd singles Kureha Yamaguchi (Clare) lost to Izzy Marshall (New) 0/6 0/6

1st singles Emily Arbuthnott (Wolfson) bt Natalie Barber (Green Templeton) 6/3 6/4

2nd doubles Mary Strevens (C) (Magdalen) & Izzy Marshall (New) bt Kureha Yamaguchi (Clare) & Rosie Taylor (C) (St Edmunds) 6/4 6/3

1st doubles Emily Arbuthnott (Wolfson) & Ulla Petti (Trinity) bt Natalie Barber (Green Templeton) & Olivia Becher (St Anne`s) 3/6 6/5 6/4

Cambridge won 4-2

Men’s match (Oxford names first)

A strong showing by Oxford's men winning a clean sweep.

4th singles James Kempton (Merton) bt Miles Kempton (Robinson) 6/0 3/6 6/1

3rd singles Louis Manson (St Anne`s) bt Arthur Adams (Trinity) 6/1 6/1

2nd singles Alfred Backhouse (St Catz) bt Aaron Wienkers (Trinity) 6/2 6/0

1st singles Benedict Yorston(C) (Merton) bt Patrick Smart (C) (Churchill) 6/1 6/0

2nd doubles Alfred Backhouse (St Catz) & Louis Manson (St Anne`s) bt Aaron Wienkers (Trinity) & Miles Kempton (Robinson) 6/0 6/3 6/0

1st doubles Benedict Yorston (C) (Merton) & James Kempton (Merton) bt Patrick Smart (C) (Churchill) & Arthur Adams (Trinity) 6/2 6/5 6/3

Oxford won 6-0

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