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Amateur Singles and Doubles Championships 2022

Update Jan 17, 2022 (entries open)
Published Jan 13, 2022

Feb 12, 2022 - Feb 20, 2022 The Queen’s Club Jamie Giddins

Amateur Singles & Doubles Championships 2022
12th - 20th February
The Queen's Club

Sponsored by The Tennis & Rackets Association

The Singles Championship is restricted to 16 players. The Doubles Championship is restricted to 8 pairs. Seeding and entry will be determined by handicaps on the RTO list on the closing date of entry. There will be a maximum handicap of 20 for both the singles and doubles (players’ individual doubles handicaps will be used).

The tournament will be run to the following schedule:

12th & 13th Feb - Round of 16 + 2 Quarter Finals
15th Feb - 2 Quarter-finals
17th Feb - Semi-finals
19th Feb - Final

14th & 16th Feb – Quarter-finals
18th Feb - Semi-finals
20th Feb - Final

All matches will be the best of 5 six game sets. From Monday 14th to Friday 18th, two matches will take place each evening at 5pm and 7pm.

Rules: The Tournament will be played in accordance with the T&RA Laws of Tennis and the T&RA Tennis Tournament Rules and Procedures. All UK participants must be T&RA members.

Draw: The draw will be held at The Queen’s Club on Thursday 3rd February 2022.

Closing Date: Wednesday 2nd February at 10:00am