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Bordeaux to Host La Grande Amitié (The Great Friendship) Real Tennis Weekend in July

Update Jul 15, 2024
Published Jun 11, 2024

Jeu de Paume Bordeaux is inviting Real Tennis players for a fun-filled weekend of matches, memories and more this July.

The Real Tennis club in Bordeaux is hosting a special international event this July called "La Grande Amitié" (The Great Friendship), designed to create amazing moments on and off the court. Bordeaux is an ideal location for a long RT weekend, offering not only top-notch Real Tennis facilities but also beautiful beaches just 40 minutes away, renowned vineyards, and a charming city centre.

Once the total number of participants is determined, the club can calculate the exact price for the weekend package, including all of the activities mentioned in the schedule (below). Currently, based on 30 people, the estimated cost is around €800. The package does not include lunch on Saturday in Pau, accommodation, and airport transfers (available upon request directly through Baudouin Huynh-Lenhardt at

The club is very excited to host this amazing event and encourages everyone to pass on this invitation to any interested members. The registration deadline is Friday, 14th June, and you can register your interest by filling out the form here.

Bordeaux Weekend Schedule

Wednesday, 10th July:

  • Afternoon Tennis at the Bordeaux Club

  • Welcome BBQ / Drinks at the Bordeaux Club

Thursday, 11th July:

  • Tennis and Lunch at the Bordeaux Club

  • Bus Transport to Chateau Batailley

  • Dinner at the Chateau and Transport Back to the City by Midnight

Friday, 12th July:

  • Tennis and Lunch at the Bordeaux Club

  • Transport to Arcachon for an Amazing Boat Trip with Dinner

  • Transport Back to Bordeaux

Saturday, 13th July:

  • Transport to Pau. 9am Departure

  • Lunch and Tennis at the Pau Club

  • Return to Bordeaux in Time for an Amazing Evening at One of the Finest Rooftop Restaurants in Bordeaux

Sunday, 14th July:

  • More Tennis and Lunch at the Bordeaux Club

  • Departure for the Train Station for Paris for the American Gang

To learn more about Jeu de Paume Bordeaux, check out this Bordeaux Club Profile video from T&RA’s official YouTube channel.

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