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Brown Advisory British Open Singles Championship 2020

Updated Jan 19, 2020 (Final results)
Published Jan 07, 2020
Tom Billings retains Brown Advisory British Open Singles title beating Ben Cawston 4-1

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In a repeat of last year's final, World Champion Tom Billings took on Invitation Singles Champion Ben Cawston in front of a packed gallery. It was Cawston who made the early running establishing a 9-0 lead in the first game, stunning the supporters of both players. Billings could only manage a point and Cawston pushed ahead to 10-1. Both players scurried around the court retrieving, making for numerous lengthy points, but the score remained in Cawston's favour 10-2. But now Billings steeled himself and carved out six straight points to reduce the deficit, and then six more on the next hand - quite a come back. Cawston managed a point but the momentum was with the top seed and Billings won the critical point to complete the turn around, leaving a devastated Cawston to rue his opportunity. First game 15/11. Billings pushed home his advantage and quickly built up a lead in the second game; five points from his first hand. Cawston edged back two points, but Billings responded with three more to take a commanding 8-2 lead. Billings's dominance continued and he served out the remaining seven points to take a somewhat swift game, 15/2, in just three hands. The tide had certainly turned.

The third game started and Cawston dug deep. Points were hard to win yet Billings was just ahead 2-1, after three hands apiece. Now Billings found another gear and started to creep away, 5-2 became 8-2, as Billings slowly built up the score, eventually reaching 10-3. Both players were playing well and making some stunning shots, but it was generally the World Champion with the advantage and so it transpired as he eventually reeled off the five points in one hand to win the third 15/3. Cawston was stunned but generously applauded his opponent on several occasions. An equally tight fourth game saw points difficult to finish off, with a slender Billings 2-0 lead after three hands apiece. Cawston needed something and suddenly found his length, recovering to 6-3. Now the points started flowing 8-6 Billings, then 10-8 Cawston - there was hope! Billings fought hard to 10-11, but then Cawston served out to win the vital game 15/11. The gallery were witnessing a true spectacle.

The pair traded five points apiece, but now Billings started to slowly build up a slender lead 8-7, then 11-10. The atmosphere was electric but Billings further extended his lead to 13-10, then 14-10 - Championship Point. Two great players, but only one winner, as Billings successfully defended his title to become Brown Advisory British Open Champion for the fourth year in succession, winning the fifth and final game 15/10.

Peter Mallinson presented the famous trophy to Billings, along with a magnum of Pol Roger. Many thanks to all concerned, from organiser Will Morse and match officials Ben Bomford and Patrick Maxwell. The David Norman Galleries had witnessed yet another wonderful display of Rackets


  • T. Billings bt B. Cawston 15/11 15/2 15/3 10/15 15/10
Semi final round up: Two straightforward matches for the top seeds who eased through their respective matches without dropping any games. James Coyne pushed young Ben Cawston, but never gained the upper hand long enough to make any impact. Similarly, two close games with Tom Billings on top but then Billings cruised home against ATB in the third and fourth.


  • B. Cawston bt J. Coyne 15/7 15/9 15/5 15/8
  • T. Billings bt A. Titchener-Barrett 15/11 15/9 15/3 15/2

Quarter-final round-up. Very straightforward win for Ben Cawston who played well and got back so many incredible retrievals, largely keeping Ben Bomford out of the game! Likewise James Coyne dominated the service box against Jamie Giddins, who found himself chasing the game.

Top seed Tom Billings came through against Mike Bailey in four games. Generally Billings was in control, although a purple patch in the third game saw Bailey at his best. However it was Billings who restored the world order in the fourth.

ADV began well to win the first game, but gave up too early when behind in the second. ATB was the steadier in game three, and went to 6-0 in the first hand of the fourth. It took ADV ten hands to fight his way back into contention and at 12-8 looked as if he would take the match to a decider. ATB then managed to get to 11-12 before ADV got back in, but ADV only got one point in his next hand. At 11-13 ATB is hard to contain, and when ADV had to choose a set at 13 all he decided to go for no set, and ATB won the two points he needed to go into the semi-final.


  • J. Coyne bt J. Giddins 15/2 15/2 15/2
  • T. Billings bt M. Bailey 15/6 15/4 5/15 15/3
  • B. Cawston bt B. Bomford 15/5 15/6 15/1
  • A. Titchener-Barrett bt A. Duncliffe-Vines 7/15 15/3 15/9 15/13

Round of 16

  • T. Billings (1) bt T. Bomford 15/0 15/1 15/8
  • J. Giddins bt C. Portz (5) 17/14 15/12 15/13
  • A. Duncliffe-Vines (3) bt T. Stevens 15/6 15/4 15/4
  • B. Bomford (8) bt M. Farmiloe 15/2 11/15 15/4 15/12
  • B. Cawston (2) bt T. Morales 11/15 15/5 15/7 15/5
  • J. Coyne (4) bt B. Stevens 15/10 4/15 9/15 15/10 15/6
  • M. Bailey (7) bt A. Rozier-Pamplin 15/4 15/2 15/5
  • A. Titchener-Barrett (6) bt R. Tulley 15/7 10-9 retired

Final Qualifying

  • Q1 R. Tulley bt A. Gourlay 15/6 4/15 17/16
  • Q2 T. Morales bt L. Winstanley 15/7 15/4
  • Q3 A. Rozier-Pamplin bt P. Sutton 15/10 15/11
  • Q4 B. Stevens bt F. Roumani 16/13 15/4

Group A

  • P. Sutton bt N. Navapurkar 18/16 15/8
  • P. Sutton bt J. Rendell 15/7 15/9
  • N. Navapurkar bt J. Rendell 15/6 15/0
  • P. Sutton bt J. Blackburn 15/2 15/6
  • J. Blackburn bt J. Rendell 15/7 15/10
  • N. Navapurkar bt J. Blackburn 15/12 15/9

Group B

  • A. Gourlay bt H. Don 15/10 15/6
  • A. Gourlay bt L. Symonds 15/8 15/1
  • H. Don bt D. Pennick 15/0 15/3
  • A. Gourlay bt D. Pennick 15/5 15/7
  • L. Symonds bt D. Pennick 15/4 15/2
  • L. Symonds bt H. Don 15/11 17/16

Group C

  • D. Dundas bt N. Mackenzie 15/10 8/15 15/4
  • R. Tulley bt T. Foster 15/6 15/2
  • R. Tulley bt D. Dundas 15/4 15/4
  • R. Tulley bt N. Mackenzie 15/3 15/0
  • T. Foster bt D. Dundas 15/11 17/16
  • T. Foster bt N. Mackenzie 15/2 15/2

Group D

  • T. Faber bt T. McCall 15/11 15/9
  • T. Faber bt A. Pittalis 15/5 15/2
  • T. McCall bt A. Pittalis 15/11 15/8
  • L. Winstanley bt T. McCall 15/5 15/11
  • L. Winstanley bt T. Faber 17/15 15/6
  • L. Winstanley bt A. Pittalis 15/6 10/15 15/8

Group E

  • G. Sandbach bt J. Britton 15/4 15/5
  • F. Roumani bt J. Britton 15/1 15/0
  • H. Foreman bt J. Britton 15/2 15/4
  • F. Roumani bt H. Foreman 15/9 15/2
  • F. Roumani bt G. Sandbach 15/2 15/2
  • H. Foreman bt G. Sandbach 15/8 15/10

Group F

  • A. Giddins bt J. Marshall 15/3 15/2
  • T. Morales bt A. Giddins 15/1 15/2
  • T. Morales bt N. Brett 15/3 15/0
  • T. Morales bt J. Marshall 15/7 15/0
  • A. Giddins bt N.Brett 15/11 15/9
  • N. Brett bt J. Marshall 15/3 15/4

Group G

  • D. Wright bt R. Sutton 15/8 15/3
  • O. Cooke bt D. Wright 4/15 15/8 15/3
  • O. Cooke bt R. Sutton 15/6 15/2
  • A. Rozier-Pamplin bt D. Wright 15/8 15/0
  • A. Rozier-Pamplin bt O. Cooke 15/1 15/2
  • A. Rozier-Pamplin bt R. Sutton 15/5 15/5

Group H

  • B. Stevens bt H. Britton 15/2 15/5
  • H. Britton bt G. Harvey 15/3 15/9
  • M. Seely bt H. Britton 15/11 4/15 17/14
  • B. Stevens bt M. Seely 15/10 15/0
  • B. Stevens bt G. Harvey 15/3 15/1
  • M. Seely bt G. Harvey 15/10 15/4
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