Club Professional Development update

25 May 2011

Update provided by the programme developers, Nick Wood and Graham Tomkinson

Schedule and Budget:

The Programme is on schedule and on budget

Progress Report

Four one day Level 1 workshops have been held this year.

Feedback from the CPD Management team has been excellent; workshops have been well prepared and delivered. Attendance has been very good. Feedback from attendees:

Personal & Management Skills (rated 4.4 by participants where 5 = excellent, 1 = poor), led by Graham Tomkinson and Victoria Groom(*) and held at RTC on March 17th, 2011

Equipment (rated 4.8 by participants) led by Steve Ronaldson and Nick Wood held at Seacourt on March 28th.

Marking (rated 4.7 by participants) led by Andrew Lyons, Nick Wood and Nick Waring (*) held at Queens on April 14th.

Coaching (held May 19th at the Oratory � awaiting feedback)

(*) � External experts brought in to provide special skills in the areas of personal skills and voice management respectively

The CPD programme is being totally financed by the T&RA, aside a nominal fee of £25 required from the attendees by way of confirmed commitment. The fees from the attendees are being collected by the T&RA online system.

The criteria regarding the Professional Certificate programme is being circulated to all professionals at UK clubs by Nick Wood�

Next steps:

Review first four workshops - Mike Allaway, Nick Wood & Graham Tomkinson � date to be confirmed

The follow up Assessment Day is scheduled for September 2011. Trainee professionals must pass the assessment modules for Marking, Coaching and Equipment and attend the Personal and Management Skills workshop to be considered as Assistant Professionals.

Development has started for the Level 2 Personal & Management Skills workshop and the Level 2 Equipment workshop and these will be complete by 31/7/11. In addition, work will start on Level 2 Marking & Refereeing workshop. When they are complete, the initial workshop deliveries will take place during the last quarter of this year.

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