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Consolidated Rules for Pol Roger Trophy, Brodie Cup and Field Trophy 2022

Oct 12, 2022

Consolidated Rules of the Pol Roger Trophy, the Field Trophy and the Brodie Cup

These tournaments are kindly sponsored by Pol Roger

1- These Rules govern the three major inter-club competitions (“the Competitions”), namely, the Pol Roger Trophy (“the Pol Roger”), the Field Trophy (“the Field”) and the Brodie Cup (“the Brodie”). The Pol Roger and the Field shall constitute Division 1 and Division 2 respectively of the National Club Team Championship (“the Championship”) and the Brodie shall constitute a national club team championship for higher handicap players.

2- Any Club in the United Kingdom which has its own court may enter a team for the Championship if invited to do so by the Tennis and Rackets Association (“the T&RA”) and may also enter a team for the Brodie, if so invited, whether or not it has also entered a team for the Championship. Any invitation must be accepted by the due date specified by the T&RA; and by accepting such an invitation, the Club agrees to be bound by these Rules and commits itself to competing in all rounds of the Competition which it has entered (unless and until eliminated) and to provide court time for all matches and practice sessions in accordance with these Rules.

3- The Pol Roger will be limited to teams from eight Clubs; but there will be no restriction on the number of Clubs entering teams in the Field or the Brodie.

4- The Championship and the Brodie shall take place each season between 1st September and 31st

July. Each Competition shall be conducted on a knock-out basis; and the winning Club shall be entitled to hold the relevant Trophy or Cup until the conclusion of the same Competition in the following season.

5. Every Club shall nominate a Team Captain for each Competition which it enters and must do so within 14 days after accepting the invitation from the T&RA. The Team Captain shall ensure that his or her team complies with the requirements of these Rules and will be responsible for implementing the arrangements for all matches in which his or her team is involved and for all communications with opponents, the Stewards and the T&RA in all matters connected with the Competition. The Team Captain’s responsibilities in relation to individual matches may nonetheless be delegated in accordance with Rule 28.

6. The T&RA Tennis Tournament Rules and Procedures shall apply to all of the Competitions, except that these Rules shall take precedence over the Tournament Rules and Procedures wherever there is conflict between the two.

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