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Early success for Investing in Professionals programme

Nov 26, 2021

Jack Josephs has been selected to join the RTC professional team which shows the Investing in Professionals programme has achieved its first success.

The IiP programme is designed to recruit additional trainee professionals into the game, and Jack was the first apprentice to start in April 2021 - contracted to the T&RA and employed at MURTC. Jack has made such a strong impression at Middlesex, working with the students and club members and has managed to reduce his handicap below 30.

IiP is the T&RA's flagship programme into which it invests about half of the cost; supported by the Real Champions' Club and others including the Dedanists, the Ladies and many of the individual clubs.

Jack will complete his apprentice, working both at MURTC and RTC after Christmas, ultimately starting fully at RTC in April 2022. He will remain contracted to the T&RA until the end of his apprenticeship to provide continuity, working alongside partner, Sport Structures.

The T&RA see this as an endorsement of the IiP programme and a payback for the long hours of over 40 volunteers for the programme to reach its current position.

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