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Farewell Raymond Lacharme; 01 August 2019

Aug 05, 2019

We are saddened to announce the death of one of our oldest T&RA Life Members. Raymond Lacharme, born 14 November 1924, passed away 01 August 2019.

Raymond took part in all overseas playing trips in the 70’, 80’s and 90’s. The USA summits in Tuxedo, New York, Philadelphia and Boston with the Savile Club in 1981 were memorable. He answered all calls of help in the UK and often became a member of the clubs in need. All players of UK clubs became his friends.

He was in Bordeaux, Rue Rolland and in Merignac at the permanent service of our club even when it came to repairing a heater or changing a light bulb. Raymond was passionate about music and produced an American band on the court of Bordeaux in memory of the bicentenary of the French Revolution.

We will not forget he lodged a number of players and professionals in his own home, his house becoming an annex of the club.

His intense implication contributed to the reopening of Fontainebleau. He leaves his print on the floors and takes a big part in the history of the game in the 20th century.

We will not forget his charm and smile, our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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