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Franklins Solicitors Thames Valley League 2020/21

Oct 29, 2020


Oratory v Hardwick 5/5

30s Mark Candlish vs Andy Keeley Oratory won 6-4 4-6 6-5

40s James MacLachlan/Michael Seymour vs David Lambert/Katie Leppard Hardwick won 6-5 1-6 6-3

50s Richard Dilger/Sam Peates vs Tim Tomalin/Candida Nicholls Hardwick won 6-4 6-3

60s Stephen Anidjiah/Chris Davies vs Pam Tomalin/Josh Farrell Oratory won 6-4 6-2

Radley v Wellington


Moreton v Radley

Oxford v Holyport


Sat 21st Moreton M v Hardwick

Sun 22nd Leamington v Hardwick


Sat 5th Oxford v Radley

Sat 12th Leamington v Oratory

Sat 19th Oxford v Leamington


Sat 4th Radley v Oratory

Sat 16th Hardwick v Oxford

Sat 30th Radley v Hardwick


Sun 7th Holyport v Leamington

Sat 20th Hardwick v Wellington

Sun 21st Radley v Leamington

Sat 27th Oxford v Wellington


Sun 7th Moreton v Oxford

Sat 13th Oratory v Oxford

Sat 27th Holyport v Hardwick

Sun 28th Leamington v Wellington


Sun 4th Holyport v Radley



Peter Mawson

Holyport 01628-673964

John Evans

Leamington 01926-424977

Ben Matthews

Simon Gill

Moreton Morrell 01926-651229

Tom Granville

Sir Andrew Hamilton

Oratory 01491-681303

Rob Fahey

Mark Candlish

Oxford 01865-244212

Andrew Davis

Danny Dawson

Radley 01235-543176

Maggie Henderson-Tew, M - 07736 666 870

Wellington 013444-44245

Danny Jones


  1. Doubles only – 4 pairs. 1hr 15 mins allowed for matches
  2. One pair in each of handicap ranges of 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69 as a JOINT handicap (ie 28+42 = 33ish)
  3. Pairs should ideally not be more than 10 handicap pts apart
  4. Best of 3 sets (40-40)
  5. Use doubles handicap (deduct 2 for home advantage, then work off closest to simplified scratch, i.e. owe 15 or receive 15)
  6. Handicaps of all players must be rigorously assessed & updated personally by home professional to minimise problems with rusty/inadequate handicaps
  7. Subs (for late withdrawals etc) allowed but must play off full handicap (-2 for home players). Any sub or player playing twice is preferable to scratching a rubber or match
  8. Scoring - 1 point per set won
  9. League winners - most points overall (not most match wins)
  10. Flexible format means that, in extremis, if matches are not played, then 9 points will be forfeit by the team that scratches
  11. MINIMAL rules - see below;


  • Getting players on court rather than having walkovers
  • Ensuring every match is as close as possible
  • Giving credit to all sets won, regardless of match score
  • Maximising team support and ensuring an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Conviviality and hospitality

NB: In the unhappy event of any unresolved dispute over any aspect of the TVL, the decision of the Tournament Organiser, Mick Dean, will prevail.

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