H M Bateman Cartoons of Tennis and Rackets

07 Apr 2011

The Rackets World Championship Doubles held in March 2011 used a modified Bateman cartoon to promote the event here and in North America, and a number of people have enquired about the drawing.

The original cartoon, and a real tennis cartoon which is equally finely-observed, copies of which can be seen below, were commissioned by T&RA President Richard Greenwood. Richard took H M Bateman to Canford to watch him play the Pro at tennis, and then they went on to Dartmouth to watch rackets, not in front of the depicted huge crowd but in front of a few midshipmen! With Richard's consent and the blessing of HM Bateman's family we were allowed to use the Rackets cartoon in the 2011 World Doubles.

As a result of the interest shown in the poster it has been decided to make copies of the Rackets cartoon and the Tennis cartoon more widely available:

They can be ordered in A4 size by contacting

A3 versions (original size) of the prints for sale, and can be contacted through the T&RA Office Proceeds from the larger prints go to the YPF.

Copies of other HM Bateman cartoons can be bought online at

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