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05 Jul 2011

An amendment to RTO to assist tournament organisers and UK tennis clubs in the organisation of national and club-level competitive doubles matches

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The Handicap & Rankings Sub Committee (H&RSC) issued an interim ruling on the use of handicaps in competitive Doubles matches to organisers of national tournaments in the UK on 1st January, 2009 which included the following advice (emboldening added for this note):

In cases where no appropriate Singles handicap is available on the RTO Website, for whatever reason, or where a player is demonstrably better at Doubles than Singles, the entrant may submit a best estimate of his or her handicap.

At the time this guidance was issued, the H&RSC noted these recommendations might lead to clubs keeping records of those players within their club whose ability at Doubles is genuinely superior to their Singles play. In order to assist clubs that have followed this approach or those that wish to do so, RTO has now been amended to allow club professionals to add a flag to a player’s handicap record, which will also appear whenever that player’s handicap is used in the RTO handicap calculators.

For the time being, four flags have been created indicating the adjustment that should be applied to a Singles handicap when the player is playing doubles:

Player better at doubles than singles - +3

Player better at doubles than singles - +4

Player better at doubles than singles - +5

Player better at doubles than singles - +6

RTO administrators may access the handicap flags via the ‘handicap’ tab for the relevant player by using the edit function. Additional flags may be added on RTO as required.

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