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Help Save the Paris Jeu de Paume Club

Update Jul 15, 2024
Published May 21, 2024

Our friends at Jeu de Paume Paris are appealing to T&RA members for their help in saving the club, which is in danger of being sold and taken out of use as a Real Tennis court.

The Real Tennis club in Paris — formally known as Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets — needs your help. Gil Kressmann, Honorary President of the club, explains:

“Dear Jeu de Paume players and friends,

You might have heard… or not… that the Paris Jeu de Paume Club is about to be sold by the SCI (Société Civile Immobilière = Property Management Company, Property Investment Company) that co-owns the club. Deadline: end of 2024.

The street floor, first level and basement rented by a fitness club and a dance and comedy school will be kept by the SCI. The three upper floors rented by the Jeu de Paume Club will be sold.

The buying price, which was negotiated, is 3.8 million Euros, a great deal for the chic Paris 16th District the Club is located in, a heritage treasure built in 1907 that simply cannot be destroyed.

It is 4,000 €/square meter. A similar building with apartments in this area is a minimum of 10,000 €/square meter. If we don't buy the Club at this negotiated price, it will be sold without any problem to other prospects by the current owners (the SCI). The purchase is the only condition to perpetuate the jeu de paume in Paris.

We are counting on the 300 or so members of the Paris Club (jeu de paume + squash) to buy the 3 upper floors but it won't be enough to cover the 3.8 millions.

We also need the financial help of the entire world of jeu de paume, which means YOU!

How can you contribute to buy the Paris Club?

You can help by investing personally (donations and/or buying shares of the building) and also by spreading the word to your families, acquaintances and various associations…”

A special video conference meeting with a presentation of the issue was held at the Paris Club on May 2, 2024. You can access the meeting details by clicking here.

Kressmann’s letter continues, “If you can, we would like to get from you as soon as possible an idea of how much you would invest and which solution you would prefer: donation or buying shares of the building, or both. The funds will need to be credited early October 2024 to a special bank account yet to be open if the operation goes through with enough investors. You will be notified in the coming months about the technicalities and hopefully tax exemption possibilities in your country for donations.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if any. You can contact the Paris Club Manager, Lilian Vimal de Murs at


Best regards,

Gil Kressmann, Honorary President of the Paris Jeu de Paume Club”

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