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Hopton takes Tuxedo Gold Racquet

Feb 18, 2009
British visitors give good account of themselves in Tuxedo Park, upstate NY

Will Hopton managed to beat James Coyne in Tuxedo Park last weekend, in a close game on what is a very true and well presented court. The game ebbed and flowed in both players favour at certain points. According to one of the finalists, who shall remain anonymous, the match could have gone either way!

15/7, 7/15, 15/7, 2/15, 15/4 was the score, all T&RA members who travelled to Tuxedo reported on what fun they had, many thanks go to Greg Gross and the organisers in Tuxedo for a great weekend. If the�members from Tuxedo�build a Tennis Court in Barbuda, which seems to be on the cards, this kind of weekend augurs well.

The Gold Racquets event,�in which Real Tennis & Rackets tournaments are played, is known as one of the best events in the Rackets calendar. The club is a wonderful example of how Real Tennis & Rackets courts were once held in such regard in high society. If you've not been to Tuxedo Park before, I suggest next year's tournament as a good�starting point!

Reporting by Oli Harris


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