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Investing in Professionals

Updated Aug 09, 2020
Published Aug 06, 2020
Investing in Professionals (IiP). A new initiative to Attract, Recruit, Train and Retain.

IiP is a new programme sponsored by the T&RA and supported by the Dedanists' Society and Dedanists' Foundation and endorsed by the IRTPA. IiP has been developed by a working party of approaching 40 volunteers, comprising Players, Professionals, Club Chairmen and Representatives, who have come together in five teams to work out a way to recruit the next generation of young professionals and to equip them to energise and help save our game.

The mission is to Attract, Recruit, Train and Retain new professionals, initially at the rate of four per year. We plan to do this by linking the training of Real Tennis skills to the training of more transferable sports management skills and Apprenticeship schemes. This approach, which offers participants the attraction of a career pathway to becoming a well-paid professional club manager or higher, is designed to be appealing to talented youngsters and, as importantly, their parents.

The five teams have been working on:

  • Attract, Recruit & Retain.
  • Apprenticeships and Transferable management skills
  • Coaching, Fitness & Dietary
  • Real Tennis Skills: Marking, Equipment, Coaching, Player development, Club management
  • Funding

The development phase is nearing completion we expect to be operational in the final quarter of 2020.

The Steering Committee and all the sponsors and supporters would like to thank all of those who have given so freely of their time, experience and enthusiasm to help us and Investing in Professionals.

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