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Kershaw Cup - Manchester 2019

Mar 25, 2019
John Prenn beat Philip Shaw-Hamilton 6/2 6/2 in the final

There was another fine turnout for the Kershaw Cup, headed by John Prenn and Philip Shaw-Hamilton. If there was a disappointment, it was that they were the only two from the current selection for the Bostwick Cup to enter.

First-round matches went pretty much to form, although the new kid on the block – Nick Jeffery from RTC – gave Philip Shaw-Hamilton a fright at the start of the match, taking a 3 love lead before the no. 2 seed got into his stride. Jonathan Fisher and Jamie Bebb were having a really good battle until Jonathan tore a groin muscle in the 8th game of the first set and had to withdraw.

The two semifinals were won comfortably by the favourites, although the score lines don’t, perhaps, fully reflect either the quality of the play or the fact that both the top seeds had to be right on their game.

John Prenn beat John Ward 6/1 6/0 and Philip Shaw-Hamilton beat Jamie Bebb 6/1 6/1.

The final was a repeat of last year’s. Unlike last year, however, John was pretty much fully fit and played like it. Philip had been paying excellent tennis throughout the tournament but went in to the final on the back of 3 sets of handicap doubles in which he was the ‘runner’ of the partnership. Nevertheless, John had to be at his best to wear Philip down – he definitely made fewer unforced errors – and was aided by Philip’s tendency to overhit when weary.

John Prenn beat Philip Shaw-Hamilton 6/2 6/2.

In the B singles, Tony Harrison beat Paul Butler – again a repeat of last year’s final – 6/2.

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