Knott-Stephens Tour 2011

06 Oct 2011

Results from Manchester and an update from Oxford

Monday 3rd October

J.Bebb & S.Shenkman bt. J.Crowell (Phil) & G.Lockhart (Det) 15/6, 18/13

S.Cox & M.Kinsella (Chi) bt. W.Hopton & T.Dixon (Mont) 15/6, 10/15, 15/11

R.Shenkman & D.Stevens bt. G.Swantner (Phil) & C.Allen (Det) 3/15, 15/6, 17/15

L.Walsh (Bost) & M.Breuer (Bost) bt D.Stevens & G.Heap 15/8, 15/6

T.Stevens & G.Swantner (Phil) bt M.Shaw & J.Crowell (Phil) 15/11, 15/6

A.Rozier-Pamplin & S.Cox bt M.Kinsella (Chi) & G.Lockhart (Det) 15/8, 15/13

Tuesday 4th Ocober

J.Bebb & D.Stevinson bt M.Breuer (Bost) & T.Dixon (Mont) 15/5, 6/15, 15/1, 15/9

W.Hopton & C.Allen (Det) bt T.Lawton & L.Walsh (Bost) 15/5, 15/8, 15/7

S.Shenkman & J.Crowell (Phil) bt R.Owen & G.Lockhart (Det) 13/16, 15/10, 15/12, 15/10

J.Bebb & H.Corcoran bt G.Swantner (Phil) & M.Kinsella (Chi) 15/13, 10/15, 15/9 15/0

D.Shiner & M.Breuer (Bost) bt B.Graham & M.Kinsella (Chi)15/10, 10/15, 15/11

S.Collins & T.Ward bt L.Walsh (Bost) & C.Allen (Det) 16/13, 4/15, 15/11

T.Stevens & T.Dixon (Mont) bt D.Stevens & G.Lockhart (Det) 15/7, 15/9

A.Mossford & J.Crowell (Phil) bt C.Atkins & L.Walsh (Bost) 5/15, 15/12, 15/8

C.Allen (Det) & M.Breuer (Bost) bt B.Hegarty & M.Shaw 10/15, 18/14, 18/13


Between 1500 and 1600 on Thursday 6th there was a free Rackets court at Manchester - Hoppy was quoted as being devastated!

A few words from Oxford

Johnny Beale met up with Bill Stephens at the Eagle and Child to equilibrate the systems prior to the arrival of the NARA representatives. They both knew their constitutions would be sorely tested over the next 24 hrs and that a bracer would be judicious. Little was said, the mood was probably akin to the men in the trenches on the morning of the Somme; were Oxford aware of the typhoon about to hit it? The bus soon arrived and one look at the face of Lukas Walsh, the team captain, foretold the future; Oxford would be dry by morning.

The first blow was struck at the Turf tavern, where Bill Clinton famously failed to inhale in 1968. Bill Stephens set to work recalling every member and adventure on previous tours from both sides of the Pond. This was followed by Bill's tours of New College and Magdalen, but by 1630 the NARA team were ready for Real Tennis at OUTC; the time for talking was over and they were ready to pit their steel against the best that Oxford could produce, James Mallison and Johnny Beale representing the Dark Blues.

Bill took everyone for a drink at the Bear, the oldest and smallest pub in Oxford, meeting such distingished personalities as James Walton, Simon Stubbings, Jonathan Nash, Craig Greenhalgh, John Lumley, Alex Portz, Simon Roach and Henry Faber at Vincents Club for dinner. Upon conclusion, it became easier to measure imbibed volumes in cubic feet. The party then retired to Camara, where new guidelines for behaviour and decorum were written.

Sadly only two members of OURC made the short journey to Radley for Real Tennis and Rackets on the following morning. However Johnny Beale and John Lumley however played with the skill of six. Bill, Brigadier Myrtle and James Walton surfaced to watch some of the display. Eventually the long awaited Will Thompson arrived to complete the American party and it was off to Charterhouse to start the process all over again.

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