Masters 2019

Updated: 23 Jul 2018 Team Captains
Published: 21 May 2018

Confirmed dates below.
Team captains:
Cockram (Over 50s) Peter Holmes
Bostwick (Over 60s) Mark Nicholls
Danby (Over 70s) Simon de Halpert

The USCTA will hold the Championships from Saturday, May 11 through Friday, May 24 of 2019. The competition begins with the 50s/55s and 70s/75s individual championships running concurrently in New York and Newport, respectively. Those age bracket singles and doubles events will run from May 11 to May 14.

Those individual championships will be followed by the team practices and competitions, beginning on Tuesday, May 14. The Cockram (50+) competition will be held in New York and the Bostwick (60+) and Danby (70+) competitions will be held together in Tuxedo Park. The USCTA look forward to hosting a World Masters Sporting Day and Awards Dinner for all teams on Sunday, May 19 in Tuxedo Park. Transportation will be arranged for Cockram players and guests so that everyone can enjoy a day of the sports and leisure that Tuxedo Park offers. In their entirety, the team events will run from May 14 to May 19.

The 60s/65s individual championships will be the final part of the 2019 World Masters Amateur Championships, and will be held May 20-24 in Philadelphia.


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