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Moreton Morrell uncovered

Updated Oct 20, 2020 (Updated link)
Published Jul 24, 2020
The restoration of a Bickley floor. New floor cleaned and polished and the crowns have been painted

Moreton Morrell has started works on restoring the floor. After initially postponing work until next year, MMTCC decided to make use of the lockdown of Real Tennis to get on and do the work. The entrance, corridor and function rooms were completely protected with wooden cladding. The floor was broken up and removed from the building. A hardcore base was then laid - all of this has gone to schedule and budget and without damage to the court or the rest of the building.

On the 23rd July, the next firm of contractors put down a damp proof course and concrete was then floated at the service end of the court and mixed with a colour that replicates the original ochre hue. The hazard end is the next stage of development. The floor will then 'cure' for up to a month, the length of time decided on by the contractor. Before that time is complete, an artist will be painting the lines and touching up the crowns etc. on the walls.

Estimated completion date is the first week of September.

Finally, a very big thank you from MMTCC to everyone in the wider Tennis community that has made a donation through the Just Giving page ( The fundraising efforts have been greatly disrupted by the Covid restrictions and so every donation is gratefully received.

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