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The FLM IRTPA National League 2022/23

Update May 27, 2024
Published Oct 17, 2023

The IRTPA would like to thank FLM and Grays of Cambridge for their enthusiastic and generous support of the IRTPA National League.

The FLM IRTPA National League 2022-2023

Last season 65 teams with over 300 players in 272 matches entered in 9 Divisions.

Premier Division: 6 Matches

Most Valuable Player awarded to Rob Fahey

Division 1/2 (H’Caps 0-10) 26 Matches

Winners OUTC 1 Runners Up The Oratory 2

Most Valuable Player Levi Gale. No 2 Claire Fahey

Division 3/4 (H’Caps 10-20) 30 Matches.

Winners Seacourt Runners Up Queen’s 3

Most Valuable Player Vaughan Hamilton. No 2 Jonny Whitaker

Division 5 (H’Caps 20-25) 49 Matches

Winners Prested Hall 2 Runners Up RTC/Holyport

Most Valuable Player Josh King. No 2 Tom Lewis

Division 6 (H’Caps 25-30) 26 Matches

Winners Wellington 2 Runners Up OUTC 2

Most Valuable Player Alex Machin. No 2 Tom Monk

Division 7 (H’Caps 30-35) 30 Matches

Winners Oratory 5 Runners Up Petworth 2

Most Valuable Player Mikey Hennessy. No 2 Mark Candlish

Division 8 (H’Caps 35-40) 24 Matches

Winners- MCC 3 Runners Up Holyport 2

Most Valuable Player Renaud Besnard. No 2 Stephen Brewerton

Division 9 (H’Caps 40-45) 51 Matches

Winners Oratory 4 Runners Up Leamington 4

Most Valuable Player Mark Newman. No 2 Nathaniel Cherry

Division 10 (H’Caps 45-50) 30 Matches

Winners Leamington 5 Runners Up MURTC 3

Most Valuable Player George Fowler. No 2 Nick Jamieson

Division 5

The winners: Matt Potter and Colin Sprott

The evening started at 6pm with the several home supporters hoping for a Prested win and a good show of tennis. They were not disappointed. Jack Joseph's and Josh King having just practised on the glass court at Prested Hall. Jack the favourite for his singles vs the home player Colin Sprott started off proceedings. Despite the one sided score line of 6-1 6-1, the match was in the balance all the way through with tough rallies and numerous deuces but the younger man prevailed. Josh King the MVP for division 5 then looked to close out the match against Matt Potter, again the match was a tight affair with a crucially long game being won at 3-1 in the first set to take Prested to a 4-1 lead, before completing a 6-1 first set advantage. The tide turned in the 2nd set for it to draw level Josh winning 6-4, before Matt pulled away and took the final set 6-1 and the match to the crucial doubles.

The doubles like the 1st string players singles ebbed and flowed 2-0, 2-4, 4-6 till Prested wrestled it away 8-6 and the title. MVP Josh King presented with his racket by Clive Turner. The four players before the final; Josh King Jack Joseph's, Matt Potter and Colin Sprott,

Division 6

Final Scores:

Alex Machin bt Ashley Deakin 6/2 6/1 (handicapped)

Tom Monk bt Matthew Alden 6/1 6/4

Simon talbot Williams bt Paul Kettle 6/2 6/3

Paul Kettle, Matthew Alden, Ashley Deakin, Alex Machin (MVP), Simon Talbot Williams, Tom Monk (2nd MVP)

The season got off to a busy start with heated group matches and late nights to gain those vital points early on. Hatfield, RTC and Middlesex just narrowly missed out on the semis despite being amazing rivals. Oxford’s team came out on top to host the semi final against Queen's. Oxford were victorious to face Wellington in the final. With wonderful supporters watching on at every match in the season really made the National league amazing for all. Thanks to FLM for supporting the National league and funding prizes to all divisions.

 Division 7

Result: The Oratory WON 2-1

1st string- Mikey Hennessy (Oratory) WON versus Timmy Armstrong (Petworth) 6/3 6/4. Played off H/C of 5 difference.

2nd string- Simon Constantine (Oratory) WON versus Guy Rubin (Petworth) 6/3 6/2.

3rd string- Hereward Taylor (Petworth) WON versus Mark Candlish (Oratory) 5/6 6/5 6/4

A hotly contested National League season with 7 sides featuring in Division 7. With one round to play, The Oratory had secured top spot but multiple outcomes were still possible. Cambridge ultimately missed out on set countback to Petworth, who would subsequently go on to produce an excellent display to win away Semi-Final at Oxford. The Final, hosted at The Oratory, was hard fought. Simon Constantine got The Oratory off to a good start, beating Guy Rubin 6/3 6/2. This was followed by Mikey Hennessy's victory over Timmy Armstrong (6/3 6/4 off HC). The final game was a dead rubber but having split matches in the season, Mark Candlish (Oratory) and Hereward Taylor (Petworth) felt anything like an afterthought is Hereward taking the match 5/6 6/5 6/4.

Division 8

MCC vs Holyport

Although MCC had finished top of the ladder in Division 8 of the FLM National League, Holyport, with the Most Valuable player of the year in our Division, Renaud Besnard, we’re not far behind. Holyport 2 beat Hatfield2 in the semi final and so MCC were relieved and slightly surprised to beat Holyport 3 rubbers to 0 in the final at Lords.

The first match was Fred Pilkington vs Attila Kerekes. Fred had lost to Attila in the previous meeting vs Holyport and somehow found some form to win this time round. The match was closer than the 6-2 6-3 score would suggest especially as Fred nearly went 3/0 down in the second set.

Rory Turner played fantastically well against the compact and hard hitting Renaud, who was possibly a little off his game that day. Rory moved nimbly around the court not giving the MVP Renaud an inch. 6/1 6/0. Francis Moore prevailed to win the first set against Richard Lawrence 6/5 but unfortunately Richard retired hurt at 2/2 leaving MCC delighted to be the Division 8 champions. An MCC supper was enjoyed by all!

Division 9

Leamington came to the Oratory to play for the Division 9 final of the National League. Oratorys road to the final was very convincing winning nearly all their matches 3 rubbers to love and also leading the MVP ladder with spots 1,2 and 3 taken by all 3 Oratory players. It was a tough first set for Mcnair who wasn't able to find his rhythm. Frost was playing extremely well from both ends most notably returning 3 attempted kills off the tambour in a row. In the second set Mcnair seemed to find his way and soon learnt that he needed more pace on the ball from the hazard end. This resulted in him winning the second and the final third set to bring the first rubber home. Mcnair beat Frost 1/6 6/4 6/3 and Oratory lead 1 rubber to love.

The first string match saw Nat Cherry take on Allan Morrissey. In the first set the match seemed like it was going to be a fast and ferocious display of pace. Morrissey played very well in the first set and beat Cherry for pace forcing off the return of serve multiple times and hitting the deadans with extreme pace. A competitive first set with Leamington leading 1-0. The second set began and Cherry took a sudden lead serving for the first 3 games. More pace and power came from Morrissey but in the second and third set Cherry found his volly and put Morrissey under pressure returning the serve well with good width. A very well fought battle between both players and the match finished 3/6 6/3 6/2 to The Oratory.

A massive thanks to FLM for providing us with a marker and some great supper. Thanks to Levi Gale at The Oratory for marking the final for us and thanks to Lesley and the National League for the hard work they put in organising matches and leagues for all of us to play in. I know Lesley will be dearly missed by all players and pros as she steps down at the end of this season.

Division 10

Leamington has had a fantastic season in the new division of the national league, with an eager squad consisting of Simon Wallis, Kannan Nithi, and Andy Dalton, and captained by Nick Jamieson (with honourable mentions to Charlie Hudson and Bill Simcox for substituting). We saw ourselves playing against Hatfield, Wellington, Oratory, and Holyport over the course of the season, with fabulous hosting from all teams we visited. Despite kicking off a start to the season with a 2-1 loss to Wellington, our team won every other match bar one, in a match against Hatfield in the second half of the season.

To start off the night the number 2 seeds, Kannan and Simon, started their match. Despite going down 4/1 in the first set, Kannan claws his way back to win 6/5, and now with his eye zeroed in, won the second set 6/3. Final score 6/5 6/3 to Kannan.

For the second match the third seeds Bill Simcox and Reuben Ard went on court. Reuben took the first set 6/3, but in turnaround, Bill won the Second set comfortably, securing it 6/0. Reuben fought back hard in the third set, but Bill pulled away to secure a win for himself, 6/2.

Though Leamington had confirmed their place as the Victor's of the league, the best was saved for last. Luke Cotterell took on Captain Nick Jamieson. With a close first set, Luke took the lead 6/4, but Nick came back to cinch the second set 6/2, with all to play for in the third. But Luke proved too strong, finishing the third set 6/2 to put Middlesex on the board with a win. Final score 6/4, 2/6, 6/2 to Luke. An overall exciting match to end the Finals with.

Many thanks from all on the Leamington div 10 team to everyone involved in making the National League happen, including Lesley Ronaldson who has been a fantastic organiser and has been ready to help when needed throughout, and many thanks to FLM for sponsoring the League.

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