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French Open 2023 & Website Update

Sep 14, 2023

While France is known for its tumultuous revolutions over the years, the French Real Tennis Association has been stirring up a small one of its own, trying to create a 'communications' revolution: from 'little' to 'big bang' in a short period.

The result is, first and foremost, the new site: Comité français de courte Paume ( in both primary languages!

To read about the French Open and all that can be shared at this point + links to the Streaming main page and more, visit: Open de France 2023 – Comité français de courte Paume (

While the Draws (20 men, 8 women from 5 countries) are indeed on this main page, you can find a dedicated page to following the 4 draws here: TABLEAUX – Open de France 2023 – Comité français de courte Paume (

For both visitors to the club on Rue lauriston and those peering in via their phone, tablet, smart TV from afar either live or post matches, you'll be able to follow the developments on a periodic basis from the main tournament page.

If you like what you see, write to , or (which is primarily in French) as well as subscribe to both the quarterly newsletter (link on website-bottom of main page) and the National channel on Youtube.

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