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New Real Tennis Court Debuts at Sand Valley

Update May 27, 2024
Published Nov 02, 2023

The USCTA has confirmed that the build of Sand Valley Court Tennis Club is now completed. Find out more here.

The most recent addition to American Real Tennis can be found at a resort, typically renowned for a different ancient royal game; Golf. The Keiser brothers, Michael and Chris, have unveiled the country's 11th court, which serves as the focal point of a brand new Tennis Centre, which includes 15 outdoor lawn tennis grass courts and facilities including a Pro shop, locker rooms and dining facilities.

“We are so excited to introduce our guests – and fans of golf and racquets in general – to the game and this new court,” Michael Keiser said. "It’s such a wonderful pairing with the traditions and history of golf. My brother and I grew up playing all racquet sports, and it’s an honour to promote the one that started it all.”

Commencing next spring, Sand Valley will offer Real Tennis, complete with lessons and equipment.

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