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New ruling from Handicap Sub Committee

Feb 15, 2010
The HRSC have been thinking about how to score handicapped matches stopped by injury...

Incomplete competitive matches where a player withdraws

The H&RSC has been asked to consider the appropriate treatment, for handicap purposes, of an incomplete competitive match where one player withdraws and the match is awarded to his opponent. The H&RSC has considered the need to give an appropriate handicap adjustment to the winner but without undue distortion to his or her handicap. The H&RSC has also considered the need to avoid putting undue pressure to continue on injured players, and the need to discourage "tactical" concessions.

Our ruling is that when one player withdraws the handicap system should show that his or her opponent is only awarded sufficient games to complete the set in which the player has withdrawn; i.e. if the game score is 4:2 to the non-withdrawing party at the point the match is stopped, he or she will be granted two additional games plus the extra "game" for the set. Where the concession is made at the conclusion of a set, the winner will be granted a complete set 6:0. The winner will not receive the benefit of any further un-played sets. The H&RSC acknowledges that, in some circumstances, this may result in players having equal numbers of sets and the match being inconclusive from a handicap standpoint.


1st February 2010

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