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May 07, 2009
Ladies World Championship under way

After the first two days of play at the National Tennis Club at Newport RI, the seedings are proving to be accurate, and the Quarter Finals stage has been reached. The scorelines in the Singles�'round of 16' include quite a lot of 6-0 games, indicating that the real contest is yet to be engaged there. It's early days in the Doubles, with only three matches played as of today, Thursday 7 May. The latest draws can be found�in our news article 'Ladies World Championships', which contains a link to the updated results as they occur. There is play every day from now until Saturday, which is Finals day for both Singles [1100 EDT, 1600 BST] and Doubles [1400 EDT, 1900 BST].

The top�seeded pair�in Doubles is�the formidable�combination of Charlotte Cornwallis and Karen Hird, who are�respectively seeded 1 and 2 in the Singles draw. If the seedings prove true to their worth,�Charlotte and Karen�may need�a case of Red Bull�by Saturday lunchtime... can you see the top male players ever agreeing to such a punishing schedule!? [no doubt I'll regret writing that...].

As and when reports or more photographs arrive they will be posted on this website. Michael Do of Washington DC is� in Newport�as the �official photographer, lets hope we get a small album of Newport out of him, he has a great knack for capturing the atmosphere

����With thanks to Jane Lippincott in Newport�for keeping us posted

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