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Pol Roger Trophy 2019/20

Updated May 11, 2020 (Final results and report)
Published Jul 29, 2019
RTC beat Queen's Club 3-2 at the Oratory

Final at the Oratory

  • RTC (2) beat Queen's Club 3-2

The Pol Roger trophy is the amateur level inter-club championships, with each match made up of 3 singles and 2 doubles matches. RTC have made it to the final for the last two years but lost 3/2 both times. Having made routine progress to the final on March 7 this year they were hoping to break the trend against Queen’s Club.

Up first were Charlie Packham and James Sohl against Freddie Kalfayan and Richard Elmitt. Charlie and James have been a safe bet all season, combining James’s killer instinct at net with Charlie’s reliable retrieving. The first set followed this pattern and RTC went ahead 6/3. But Queen’s fought back and took it to a deciding set, but some brutal play from James helped RTC to close out the match.

Captain Phil Dunn had his work cut out for him playing Matthieu Sarlangue, one of the top-ranked amateurs in the world. The match was full of excellent tennis and Phil definitely gave Matthieu something to think about; however it was not to be, and the match went 6/2, 6/2 to Queen’s.

Next James Watson took on Matt Shaw, where Queens’s had the advantage on paper. However, a determined looking James took to the court more quickly than his opponent and won the first set 6/2. The second set was a tense affair with Matt starting to find his rhythm and James losing his accuracy on serve. But RTC’s man found his best tennis when he needed it and won the second set 6/4.

Knowing a win in either of the last two matches would be enough to take the trophy Tom Freeman was up against Jonny Whitaker. Tom dug deep and came from behind to win a topsy-turvy first set 6/5. However, Jonny gathered himself and found some fierce hitting to win the next two sets 6/2, 6/1.

This meant it all went down to the final match, with Peter Wright and David Watson facing Harry Eddis and Ben Boddington. The RTC pair came flying out of the blocks and stormed the first set 6/0 with some ruthless play, leaving their opponents looking shell shocked.

Queen’s, and in particular Ben, decided to throw caution to the wind and it paid off - some outrageous shot-making gave them the second set 6/3. Fittingly it came down to the final set, where Peter and David steadied the ship and some more errors started to show from the Queen’s pair. Ultimately RTC’s quality came through and Peter and David took the final set 6/3, which started the celebrations and the flow of superb Pol Roger champagne!

A big thank you to all our supporters who made the journey, to Nick Wood for his advice on the day, to Oratory for hosting the match, Nino Merola and Levi Gale for marking the matches and to Pol Roger for sponsoring the competition. The cover photograph shows captain Phil Dunn receiving the trophy from James Simpson MW, managing director of Pol Roger.

Results: 2nd Doubles: Charlie Packham & James Sohl beat Freddie Kalfayan & Richard Elmitt 6/3 3/6 6/3. 1st Singles: Phil Dunn lost to Matthieu Sarlangue 2/6 2/6. 2nd Singles: James Watson beat Matt Shaw 6/2 6/4. 3rd Singles: Tom Freeman lost to Jonny Whitaker 6/5 2/6 1/6. 1st Doubles: Peter Wright & David Watson beat Harry Eddis & Ben Boddington 6/0 3/6 6/3

James Watson

  • 2nd Doubles: Charlie Packham & James Sohl bt Freddie Kalfayan & Richard Elmitt 6/3 3/6 6/3
  • 1st Singles: Phil Dunn lost to Matthieu Sarlangue 2/6 2/6
  • 2nd Singles: James Watson beat Matt Shaw 6/2 6/2
  • 3rd Singles: Tom Freeman lost to Jonny Whitaker 6/5 2/6 1/6
  • 1st Doubles: Peter Wright & David Watson beat Harry Eddis & Ben Boddington 6/0 3/6 6/3

Matches marked by Nino Merola and then Levi Gale, with Maggie H-T managing the day

Photo: James Simpson presenting stylish Pol Roger Trophy to the winning captain - Phil Dunn of RTC.

Relegation matches

Cambridge lost to MCC 1-4

  • Jules Camp & Charlie D`Oyly lost to Jolyon Symonds & Nick Warner 6/4 1/6 4/6
  • Ed Pearson lost to Neil Roxburgh 3/6 3/6
  • Ed Hyde lost to Jamie Giddins beat 4/6 4/6
  • Ed Kay bt Jamie Douglas 6/2 3/6 retired
  • Alex Evans & Ivo MacDonald lost to Peter Jarvis & James Acheson Gray 4/6 2/6

Petworth bt Manchester W/O



RTC (2) beat Seacourt 4-0

  • 2nd Doubles: Charlie Packham & James Sohl bt Charlie Danby & Mark McMurragh 6/1 6/0
  • 1st Singles: Peter Wright bt Tom Weaver 6/2 6/1
  • 2nd Singles: Phil Dunn bt Will Flynn 6/2 retired
  • 3rd Singles: James Watson w/o

Queen's Club beat Moreton Morrell 5-0

  • 1st Singles: Matthieu Sarlangue bt Tom Bomford 6/1 6/2
  • 2nd Singles: Harry Eddis bt Tom Lewis 6/0 6/0
  • 3rd Singles: Richard Elmitt bt Phillip Shaw-Hamilton 6/3 6/4
  • 1st Doubles: Richard Owen & Mike Bailey bt Martin Rogers & Rich Wills 6/2 6/1
  • 2nd Doubles: Nick James & John Prenn bt Fred Freeman & Vaughan Hamilton 6/3 6/5


Moreton Morrell beat MCC (1) 3-2

  • Tom Bomford bt Horatio Carey 6/0 6/4
  • Tom Lewis lost to Neil Roxburgh 2/6 2/6
  • Philip Shaw-Hamilton bt Nick Warner 6/2 6/3
  • Martin Riogers & Rich Wills lost to Peter Jarvis & Jolyon Symonds 3/6 2/6
  • MMTCC second doubles w/o

Seacourt beat Cambridge 5-0

  • 1st Singles: Luke Danby bt Alex Evans 6/1 6/0
  • 2nd Singles: Tom Weaver bt Ed Pearson 6/2 6/0
  • 3rd Singles: Will Flynn bt Andy Smith 6/2 6/0
  • 1st Doubles: Paul Weaver & Hugh Latham bt Duncan Colquhoun & Jules Camp 6/3 /6/3
  • 2nd Doubles: Mark McMurrugh & Henry Liddington bt Andrew Petrie & Mark Perriton 6/0 6/1

Queen's Club beat Petworth House 3-2

  • 1st Singles: Jonny Whitaker lost to Angus Williams 3/6 2/6
  • 2nd Singles: Harry Eddis bt Freddie Bristowe 6/4 6/4
  • 3rd Singles: Matt Shaw bt Mark Drysdale 6/4 6/2
  • 1st Doubles: Ben Boddington & Richard Elmitt lost to Adam Dolman & Nick Harris 6/4 5/6 1/6
  • 2nd Doubles: Nick James & Freddie Kalfayan bt Charles Fuente & Bill Chambers 6/1 6/3

Manchester lost to RTC (2) w/o

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