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Real Tennis World Championship 2023

Sep 18, 2023

Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 21, 2023 USA - Washington Andrew Gould

2023 World Championship Begins!

The United States Court Tennis Association and Westwood Country Club proudly present the 2023 Real Tennis World Championship between the World Champion - Camden Riviere and his Challenger - John Lumley. The challenge began Sunday, September 17th/ The format for the World Championship will be the best of 13 sets played over three days:

September 17th at 7 PM (UK time) - Four sets

September 19th at 10 PM (UK time) - Up to Four sets

September 21st at 6 PM (UK time) - Up to Five sets

The best-of-13 set contest will be streamed live on the USCTA YouTube channel free of charge thanks to funding support from the US Court Tennis Preservation Foundation.

Please visit 2023 World Championship Website for event information and streaming links.

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