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Rugby Rackets Grand Opening

Update May 27, 2024
Published Oct 31, 2023

On Sunday 15th October, Rugby School hosted a thrilling exhibition match of Rackets on their newly renovated court.

As a token of appreciation to all involved parties, they organized a match of the highest standard, attracting a full house of OR's, esteemed guests, and players from all over the country, past and present.

The current World number #1, Ben Cawston, and James Coyne, World #11 and former World Doubles Champion faced off against the formidable duo of Mike Bailey, World #10 and former Amateur Doubles Champion, and Tom Bomford.

From the very first serve to the captivating conclusion of the 2.5-hour battle, the audience was treated to an exceptional display of skill. It's safe to say that in the history of those hallowed walls, the gallery had never been so tightly packed and exuberant, erupting with applause after each point, showcasing their deep admiration for the exquisite rallies and court expertise on display.

After an intense match, Mike Bailey and Tom Bomford won the final game 17-14, and 3-2 in games were crowned the champions of the 2023 Rugby School Exhibition Match.

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