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May 08, 2010
Short final day sees Fahey increase his record

Rob took only one�quick set to�win his 10th World Championship in Melbourne, defeating Steve 6/1 to win the 'best of 13' series. Rob went straight to an easy 3/0� lead before the fightback began, but it still didnt take him long to close out the event at 6/1.

Our congratulations to�Rob for this display of brilliant tennis. It will surely be a long time before we see his equal, someone dominating this game so consistently for such a prolonged period. Commiserations to those players, Steve and Cam in particular, who have come up against the maestro in the last few years and found him too hard to get past - whilst�in the process�treating the rest of us mere mortals to displays of the most outstanding tennis, and played in such good humour. They are all a great credit to the game.

Roll on 2012! See report below, link to�the organisers website

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