Tennis at Whitehall

02 Dec 2017

Tennis at Whitehall

Just Published!


Two Hundred and Sixty Glorious Years

by David Best

ISBN 978-0-9924865-9-4 : size 260 mm x 200 mm : pp. 72

This book, the third in the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club monograph series, is published in a print run of only 150 copies. It reflects David Best’s long interest in a site that was the centre of tennis in England in the sixteenth century. Indeed, it has remained centre-stage, given that traces of some of the six courts built there abut Number 10 Downing Street.

As one would expect from the author of The Royal Tennis Court (2002)and The Official Story of the Tennis and Rackets Association (2007) and co-author of Disturb’d with Chaces (2009) David Best gives an authoritative account of the tennis courts built by Henry VIII at Whitehall Palace, and those added to by Edward VI and Charles II. David has drawn extensively on the archaeological finds of the 1960s that give information not available to earlier tennis historians.

There are over 40 illustrations in the book, most of them in colour, including maps, photographs taken on site by the author, portraits, and drawings by Michael Lindell.

£25 per copy,  plus £3 postage within the UK.

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