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Update from Montreal

Feb 08, 2010
Verbatim report from Jeff Durkes
Alex Titchener-Barrett had no problem dispatching (in consecutive rounds) fellow Britons Nick James, James Bailey, Big Red Richard Spender and Ben Bomford (Finals 15-4, 15-0 and 15-6) in capturing the Canadian Amateur Singles title last weekend in Montreal. Despite typical near absolute near zero weather, AT-B did not drop a single game in preparation for NARA's premier event, the US Open in Chicago (March 4-7).

On the doubles side of the competition, Mjolnir heavyweights Bomford and Alastair Gourlay cruised to a finals win (3-1) over George Tysoe and James Bailey. Montreal Racket Club Steward/Manager Bryce Maher commented that "there wasn't a glitch in the system as play was magnificent and the weekend was a tremendous success, especially with the number of travelers such as the Mjolnir team from the UK; close to 15 Mjolnirs I believe. We also saw travelers from Denver, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Detroit and Philadelphia." The Mjolnir World Tour 2010 stops next weekend in Tuxedo Park for the Gold Racquet competitions.

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