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Interschool Singles Championship 2023

Nov 26, 2023 Wellington Mick Dean

Published May 16, 2023

Interschool Singles Championship 2023 took place on the 26th of November at Wellington.

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The initial groups were mostly closely contested with several 6/5 sets, and some will consider themselves unlucky not to qualify in a higher group.

In the end, Archie Watson won this event with two solid wins over the other initial group winners, Nathan McGarvey (Oratory, who secured 2nd place) and Reuben Kirby (Well’n). Robert Blizzard (St George’s) won the 2nd place group with a 6/4 win over Henry Weekes (Radley) who had beaten Wyld (Wellington) in a nail-biting 6/5.

Group 3 was won by Seb Kingsbury (Winchester) after a tight struggle with Meeks Rutka (Radley) who had just managed to squeeze past Gabriel Davey (Canford) by 6/5.

Entries are now closed - the deadline was Nov 22, 2023

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